Player NBT data is not server-client synced

Published by ahznb on Wed, 12/25/2019 - 12:18
Upvotes: 12
Issue description

Currently when one sets a custom NBT tag it is set on one side only. It would be nice if it can be auto set on both sides if requested by the modder (maybe as a function block?)

Issue comments

Syncing data is more advanced than just a simple procedure block as we need to use packets and this is not really possible to implement universally for all use cases.

For overlays, we can add a way to obtain player NBT data, though, I am changing the ticket to this as this could be implemented.

So the overlay would query entity NBT data from the server-side and display it on the client-side.

This fix would also address my issue with scoreboards not syncing so I really have to second this hard.

Entities in general are not the problem, only players are and this ticket is here for this exact reason

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