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Welcome to ChickenDoodle's Five Nights At Freddy's Mod. Unlike most other FNaF mods, this mod has a focus on survival gameplay


This mod adds in fully craftable animatronics from FNAF.

Current statue Animatronics:

   FNAF 1 Freddy

   FNAF 1 Chica

   FNAF 1 Bonnie

   FNAF 1 Foxy

Current Mobs:


   Child Spirit

   Freddy Fazbear

   Chica The Chicken

   Bonnie The Bunny

   Foxy The Pirate Fox

   Withered Freddy

   Withered Bonnie

   Withered Chica

   Withered Foxy

   The Marionette/Puppet

   Toy Freddy

   Toy Bonnie

   Toy Chica


   Balloon Boy


   Phantom Freddy

   Phantom Chica

   Phantom Foxy

   Phantom Mangle

   Phantom Balloon Boy

   Phantom Puppet/Marionette

   Golden Freddy

   Crying Child


  Nightmare Foxy

  Nightmare Chica

  Nightmare Bonnie

  Nightmare Freddy

  Nightmare Mangle


  Nightmare Fredbear

   Nightmare Balloon Boy


And all animatronics up to Five Nights At Freddy's 5 (AKA Sister Location)!!


   Burned-down Establishment 1

   Burned-down Establishment 2

   Burned-down Establishment 3

Other Blocks/mod items:

   Wall Block 1

   Wall Block 2



   Gasoline Canister


   Remnant Ingot

   Bottled Remnant

   SpringBonnie Springlock suit

   Fredbear Springlock suit

   Fire Axe

   Red Iron Ingot

   Fnaf 1 Chair

   Fnaf 1 Party Table

   Pizza Box


   EndoT1 Spawn


   Vent Duct blocks



   Security Door


   Dim Light Block

   Red button

   Redstone Inwall Wire


   Cardboard Cloud

   Metal Table

   Wooden Barricade


   Empty Soda Cup

   Door Button

   White Button

   Possessed Freddy

   Possessed Chica

   Possessed Bonnie

   Possessed Foxy

   Possessed Toy Freddy

   Possessed Toy Chica

   Possessed Toy Bonnie

   Possessed Mangle

   Possessed Marionette

   Possessed Balloon Boy

   White Plastic

   Blue Plastic

   Brown Plastic

   Red Plastic

   Purple Plastic

   Yellow Plastic

   Arcade Machine

   Circuit Board

   Rotted Wall Block 1

   Rotted Wall Block 2

   Decorative Freddy Head Light

   Bonnie's Guitar

   Freddy's Mic

   Chica's Cupcake

   Foxy's Hook


   Freddy Bobble Head

   Bonnie Bobble Head

   Chica Bobble Head

   Freddy's Top Hat

   Paperpal 1

   Paperpal 2

   Paperpal 3

   Decorative Freddy Head Light

   Plushtrap Toy

   Wallpaper 1

   Wallpaper 2

   Carpet Block

   Bedroom Door

   Toy Phone

   Toy Robot

   Camera ID chip

   Security Camera

   Security Tablet

(all animatronic parts and pieces)

And MUCH more!




Made using "mcreator" and "BlockBench"

models by ChickenDoodle and TheGamerOfPro10

Playtesting by VodaCode

Mod published by ChickenDoodle

Modification files
ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod v4.3.jarUploaded on: 08/30/2022 - 15:51   File size: 3.98 MB
ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod v4.4.jar - Last update for 1.16.5 MinecraftUploaded on: 01/08/2023 - 14:32   File size: 4.86 MB
ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod v5.0.jar - First version for 1.19.2 Minecraft!Uploaded on: 08/01/2023 - 18:07   File size: 10.61 MB
ChickenDoodle's Fnaf Mod v5.1.jarUploaded on: 08/10/2023 - 14:18   File size: 10.79 MB

adds springlock suits (SpringBonnie, Fredbear, and Default), Crafting recipes for springlock suits, spring, spring recipe, Fire Axe, Fire Axe Recipe, Red Iron Ingot(used for crafting), Red Iron Ingot Recipe, Remnant, Remnant Ingot(obtained by killing EndoT1), Bottled Remnant, Bottled Remnant Brewing Recipe, Gasoline, Gasoline Canister, Gasoline Canister Recipe, Lighter, Lighter Recipe.

v1.2 - 


Chair1, Chair1 Recipe, Table1, table 1 recipe, freddys pizza box, pizza box recipe, pizza, pizza recipe, cardboard, cardboard recipe, craftable living endo, vent duct wall, vent duct wall recipe, vent duct floor, vent duct floor recipe, vent duct slab, vent duct slab recipe, vent cover, vent cover recipe, monitor, monitor recipe, computer, computer recipe,  security door, security door recipe, WIP flashlight, flashlight recipe, invisible dim light block, red button, red button recipe, redstone inwall wire, redstone inwall wire recipe, invisible dark air, cardboard cloud decor, cardboard cloud recipe, metal table, metal table recipe, child spirit, wooden barricade, wooden barricade recipe, changed EndoT1 model.

v1.3 -


changed Child soul model, Possessed Freddy Fazbear, Possessed Freddy Fazbear Recipe, Possessed Chica, Possessed Chica Recipe, Possessed Bonnie, Possessed Bonnie Recipe, Possessed Foxy Recipe, white button, White Button Recipe, Door Button, Door Button Recipe, Soda, Soda Recipe, Empty Soda Cup, Empty Soda Cup Recipe, White Plastic, White Plastic Recipe.

v2.0 - 


Child soul sound effect, Withered Freddy, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, Withered Foxy, Marionette Mask, Possessed Marionette, Possessed Marionette Recipe.

v2.1 -


Possessed Toy Freddy, Possessed Toy Bonnie, Possessed Toy Chica, Possessed Mangle, Blue Plastic, Blue Plastic Recipe, Red Plastic, Red Plastic Recipe, Purple Plastic, Purple Plastic Recipe, Yellow Plastic, Yellow Plastic Recipe, Brown Plastic, Brown Plastic Recipe.

v2.2 -


Possessed Balloon Boy, Possessed Balloon Boy Recipe, Possessed Toy Freddy Recipe, Toy Freddy Head, Toy Freddy Head Recipe, Toy Freddy Torso, Toy Freddy Torso Recipe, Possessed Toy Chica Recipe, Toy Chica Head, Toy Chica Head Recipe, Toy Chica Torso, Toy Chica Torso Recipe, Possessed Toy Bonnie Recipe, Toy Bonnie Head, Toy Bonnie Head Recipe, Toy Bonnie Torso, Toy Bonnie Torso Recipe.

v3.0 - 


Springtrap, when dying with spring bonnie armor springtrap will spawn, Circuit board, circuit board recipe, Arcade machine, Arcade machine recipe, Rotted wall block 1, Rotted wall block 2 (obtainable from exploding wall 1&2)

v3.1 -


Phantom Freddy, Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Balloon Boy, Phantom Mangle, Phantom Puppet, Decorative Freddy Head Light, Freddy Mic (includes recipe), Freddy Top Hat (includes recipe), Bonnie's Guitar (includes recipe), Chica's Cupcake (includes recipe), Freddy Bobble Head (includes recipe), Chica Bobble Head (includes recipe), Bonnie Bobble Head (includes recipe), Paperpal 1 (includes recipe), Paperpal 2 (includes recipe), Paperpal 3 (includes recipe).

v4.0 -


Plushtrap, Plushtrap Block (includes recipe), Golden Freddy, Bedroom Door (includes recipe), Wallpaper 1 (includes recipe), Wallpaper 2 (includes recipe), Carpet Block (includes recipe)

v4.1 -


Happy child, children spawn from arcade machines, Nightmare endo (includes recipe), Nightmare claws (includes recipe), Nightmare Head (includes recipe), Police, Gun, Dead Body, new animatronic functions.

v4.2 -


Nightmare Freddy (includes recipe), Nightmare Bonnie (Includes recipe), Nightmare Chica (Includes recipe), Nightmare Foxy (Includes recipe), Freddle (AKA mini freddies), minor fixes and improvements.

v4.3 -


Nightmarionne, Nightmare Mangle, Security Camera, Security Tablet, unbound ID chip, various Camera ID chips.



Nightmare (Includes recipe), Nightmare Fredbear (Includes recipe), Nightmare Ballon Boy (Includes recipe), pizzeria summoner, new structure, catalog, money, and a lot of new functionality for survival players.



CircusBaby (includes recipe), Funtime Freddy (includes Recipe), Ballora (includes Recipe), shock inducer, soda machine (includes Recipe), Manufacturing Table (includes Recipe), Scooper

New survival functionality!

Updated to 1.19.2!



Ennard, Bidybab, Minireena

for some reason every once and a while it puts the freddy top hat on my head and it's getting really annoying

how did you make these models. When im trying to put a model on armor it doesnt load

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