MCreator 1.6.9 for Minecraft 1.9.4 - A Huge Improvement

Published by Klemen on Thu, 06/30/2016 - 13:54

MCreator for Minecraft 1.9.4 is finally here. The delay with this update was due to large amount of bugs that we decided to fix and some of them took some time to figure them out. This update is therefore not only Minecraft version update, but bug fix and performance update too. It also introduces some new and neat features. Check it out!

This MCreator is made for Minecraft 1.9.4 and uses recommended build of Minecraft Forge 1976. All mod types were updated to new version. We have cleaned up the code of MCreator and its libraries and removed large portions of unused code. As a result of this will be better performance of MCreator, smaller resource consumption and increased speed and responsiveness of the interface.

Improved outline generator in code editor

New autocomplete assistant is much smarter and better

We have improved code formatter in code editor. The code generated with MCreator is formatted by default using code formatter similar to the one found in Eclipse IDE. On top of that, we made import formatter which removes all the unused imports from generated code. As a result of this, code generated by MCreator now looks really nice, professional and is also much more readable which makes it great for new programmers to easily understand the code. Code editor was also improved. We have added back autocomplete which now works much better and is faster. We have improved the outline generator and added error bar which shows the location of the errors in the code itself.

We have also made some small interface improvements such as new colors and new icons on some sections. Due to large amount of changes in the core of MCreator, you cannot import old workspaces into this version. This is partly also due the fact that many things in Minecraft and Minecraft Forge changed and it's impossible to automate the update task.

Many mod types now support items and blocks with metadata which introduces many new options for the mod creation. Gun bullets can now also be blocks, user can now set potion effect levels as the event result, custom mobs can now wear equipment in both hands and much more. We have fixed custom sounds which didn't work, we have fixed some events and conditions, custom trees in biomes didn't work, mob equipment was not visible and many other fixes. Check the changelog below to see them all:

  • Updated Minecraft Forge to 1976 for Minecraft 1.9.4
  • Updated recipe, command, structure generator, key bind, tab, overlay, achievement, GUI, fluid, gun, food, tool, armor, item, biome, mob, dimension, block and fuel creation and events to Minecraft 1.9.4
  • Cleaned up the code of MCreator to improve the performance (removed large portions of unused code)
  • Removed unused libraries and updated licenses
  • Improved code formatter in code editor
  • Output code of MCreator is now standardized, properly indented and formatted, imports are organized too
  • Smelting recipes, achievements, guns and mob drops now support metadata
  • Tab can now have block for the icon
  • Added second hand as mob equipment option
  • Guns now support blocks as bullet
  • You can now set potion level for add potion effect event result
  • Improved code editor, added back improved autocomplete, added error bar, improved outline generator
  • [Bugfix] In recipe creation menu, smelting enchantments were applied to the crafting item instead of smelting item
  • [Bugfix] Is not block bedrock at event condition didn't work
  • [Bugfix] Creating or editing new mod element before gradle tasks finished caused recompilation errors or even corrupted workspace in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Some mod types didn't show their icon in recipe editor when mod type was in editing mode
  • [Bugifx] Some events on axe, special tool or multitool didn't work
  • [Bugfix] When editing armor, texture was not loaded and shown as not found
  • [Bugfix] Item's When mob killed with this item event didn't work
  • [Bugifx] Plant unbreakable setting didn't work
  • [Bugfix] Custom trees in biomes don't work
  • [Bugfix] Mob custom name labels didn't work
  • [Bugfix] Mob equipment was not visible
  • [Bugfix] When editing mod, newly made element didn't show up on element list
  • [Bugfix] Custom sounds didn't work
  • [Bugfix] Many other small bug fixes

Please leave a comment and share this post if you liked it and don't forget to leave your opinion on this update. We have also added internal website search if you haven't already noticed. You are welcome to use it as you can find many useful information with it on our website and our community.

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Submitted by Baran100 on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 13:31

Oh , sorry. I have spoken ... not only generate oak trees .. It is hard to find , but sometimes they appear ... rarely ... oak trees everywhere .. But rarely appear my tree ... I not set up my tree to generate and rarely I set up that were not in my forest of oak trees ... well ... I do not know English would be a mistake . (EDIT)

Submitted by ahig on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 17:12

i highly recommend that you focus your abilities on updates for 1.9 and 1.8, not 1.10. The developers plan to release the next updates as fast as possible, and judging by how long mcreator updates take, their will probably be a new version by the time you release mcreator 1.10, and so on. I would wait until minecraft 1.11 or 1.12 before you make mcreator for a new version of minecraft. In the long run the next updates of minecraft will most likely blend together, thus people won't be mad if you skip a few versions. so instead of trying to update everything to new versions of minecraft, try to focus on new features, to the program. That is my opinion

@#16 +1 That's exactly what I was thinking
Since for the ones who don't know how to code, try to make a good mod it's reall hard due to these bugs

@#16 I totally agree with you, but the fact is that if we missed some updates, the amount of changes would cause even larger delays. Now as we follow each Minecraft version, the amount of changes between two of them is not that large and managable to update.

@#16.2 Good Point, you might still want to update 1.9 and 1.8 though, if you have time. For people doing larger mods, or mod series's, it takes a long time to update their mods, which they need to do if they want new Mcreator features.

@#16.2.1 I totally agree with you, but there is another obstacle. Many new features are added simply because such options were added to Minecraft Forge, so some of them just can't work with older versions of Minecraft.

@# don't you have different saves of mcreator? you don't need all the versions to have the same features, if you didn't update older versions they still wouldn't have the new features anyways.

@# i know so the old ones don't need to have the same features as the new ones, if you don't update them, they still won't have the new features. You can give them features that can be brought forward not backward.

when will mcreater for minecraft 1.10.2 or minecraft 1.10 be out????

Submitted by Agent 47 on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 22:25

Does anyone know how to make a wood variant? It would be nice if MCreator had classes for blocks so that specific blocks could have specific behaviors, like Blocks.Wood or Blocks.Stone and people don't have to create all the corresponding recipes

well I hope it will be out soon I real want to start making mod's for that version

Submitted by EricTFC on Mon, 07/04/2016 - 11:30

Can you still update 1.8.9 versions of mcreator because it is annoying that custom tress don't spawn