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Published by apollo 11 on Sat, 06/30/2018 - 15:50
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hello world it is I Apollo 11 today I present Glitch's mod. this mod is now split into two mods on is the due to whenever I add a new element in to my workspace the new element it will delete an old element. but anyway enough about my problems, Glitch's mod is a mod that adds old things back to Minecraft but that has already been done so I will make this one superior to all the others by adding things from games who once famous that are now unknown, things that no one would ever think of, and some of my creations.

Glitch's mod: 547 mod elements have been added so far...…

57 of them are producers …….


1. nether reactor core

2. missing texture block

3. code block #1

4. code block #2

4. code block #3

5. code block #4

6. yellow wood

7. blue wood

8. red wood 

9. crying obsidian 

10.  code block #5

11. block an a' yellow block

12. red obsidian 

13. ruby ore

14. ruby block

15. glitched stone

16. old gravel 

17. old cobblestone

18. old cobblestone slab

19. old cobble stone stair

20. multi glitch block

21. glitched plank

22. light blue wood

23. gray wood

24. green wood

25.purple wood

26. block o' talk coal

27. block 246

28. tinted glass pink

29. tinted glass yellow

30. tinted glass cyan 

31. tinted glass lime

32. tinted glass pink

33. tinted glass red

34. tinted glass green

35. tinted glass white

36. tinted glass blue

37. tinted glass brown

38. pre-classic grass

39. missing texture block yellow

40. missing texture block green

41. missing texture block blue

42. missing texture block gray

43. missing texture block light blue

44. the becon'e'

45. the bacon 'e'

46. grobble leaf

47. village face block

48. R.I.P nether back

49. R.I.P end ston'e'

50. fobble leafs

51. licker air

52. licker grass

53. licker ore

54. licker stone

55. licker leaves 

56. licker insides

57.fall leaves

58. licker log

59. nay block 

60. moss stone

61. cracktus

62. cloth

63. cog wheel

64. detailed stone

65. unhappy looking dispenser 

66. ender pearl block

67. the all and fluffy kitty block

68. this used to be glass a block

69. death is near block 

70. nether stone

71. end part'al'

72. shiny wood planks

73. snow leaf 

74. blue sperener 

75. nicllll

76. roofed wood

77. nivvle 

78.  D.A.R.K floor

79. D.A.R.K wall

80. D.A.R.K crate 

81. D.A.R.K desk

82. D.A.R.K side table

83. D.A.R.K mile hub

84. D.A.R.K warning block

85. D.A.R.K. pipe block

86.  D.A.R.K side pipe

87. D.A.R.K path block

88. jold block

89. creeper head in ice

90. wither skeleton head in ice

91. eye of ender iced

92. fish in ice 

93. zombie head in ice

94. bootleg glass

95. bootleg booble stone

96. rose quartz ore

97. copper ore

98. turquoise ore

99. rose quartz block

100. copper block

101.  turquoise block

102. azeztuliet ore

103. cobalt ore

104. malachite ore 

105. malachite block

106. cobalt block

107. azeztuliet block

108. moss agate ore

109. jade ore

110. blood stone ore

111. marble ore

112.  the admen grass

113. the admen wood

114. the MCreator block

115. the peaceful block

116. the easy block

117. the normal block

118. the hard block

119. flaw blook 

120. flaw block greenisful 

121. flawed gliss 

122. flawed ore grass

123. flawed qurtzerd

124. flawed blocked web

125. flaw ore

126. flawed red stone lamp

127. wii block

128. the command computer

129. ender eye prismarine block

130. prismarine uni

131. slier code block 

132. froza block

133. key pad block

134. mosey flower stone 

135. Aztec stone 

136. fire air

137. tweeterwire 


1. lavander

2.cyan flower

3. rose

4. fire weed

5. reeds

6. flower

7. ender portal cobweb

8. flawed plant reeed

9. flaw fern

10. flaw beed bush

11. flaw dry bush


1. pig hide armor

2. code armor

3. sky land armor

4. gas mask

5. lightmare robes 

6. cloth armor

7. marble armor

8. bloodstone armor

9. jade armor

10. moss agate armor

11. cobalt armor

12. malachite armor

13. azeztuliet armor

14. copper armor

15. turquoise armor

16. rose quartz armor 


1. glitch sword

2. multi tool

3. rising code sword

4. sickle 

5. frying pan 

6. heart sword

7. crowbar 

8. machete 

9. flaw sword

10. mr. sword

ranged items/bow/gun

1. flair gun

2. water balloon red

3. water balloon green

4. water balloon yellow

5. water balloon shefultec

6. lavander gun

7. glitch's bow

8. black cat gun

9. brown cat gun

10. blue cat gun

11. redish magenta cat gun

12. white cat gun

13. ice cube gun

14. guitar gun

15. flower gun

16. AWM

17. groza

18. glitter gun

19. bow and lead

20. chorus pearl

21. cross bow

22. UZI

23. ump9

24. VSS

25. s12k

26.  SKS

27. QBU

28. QBZ

29. frag Grenade 

30. g36c

31. kar98k

32. M249

33 Thompson 

34. flaw bow


1. cat gun ammo

2. glitch witch stick

3. ice cube

4. ammo

5. music notes

6. magnum ammo

7. glitter 

8. 7.89 ammo

9. blank card

10. shotgun shell

11. tink sac

12. sallpher

13. 1 blue card 

14. red card 1

15. yellow card 1

16. green card 1

17. red card 2

18. blue card 2

19. green card 2

20. yellow card 2

21. bo bo beans

22. blank fuel

23. PDA 1

24. PDA 2

25. PDA 3

26. PDA 4 

27. PDA 5

28. PDA 6

29. PDA 7

30. PDA 8

31. PDA 9

32. PDA 10

33. key card

34. pistil ammo

35. messager remote

36. rose quartz 

37. turquoise 

38. copper

39. azeztuelit 

40. cobalt dust 

41. malachite 

42. moss agate 

43. jade

44. marble

45. marbles

46. mixed head item

47. flaw gem

48. PC4 controller black

49. PC4 controller white

50. PC4 controller #$5%

51. disk 

52. cat-sup

53. magma slime 

food items

1. glitch cookie 

2.pigman meat

3. medkit 

4. lavander food type 

5. jerrits 

6. golden jerrits

7. beef

8. doof

9. flaw potion 


1. the dead end

2. the dead nether

3. the tropical beach biome

4. stone biome

5. fall biome

6. snow land

7. roofed woody eomie

8. licker biome

9. flawed biome

10. flaw biome

11. walf emoib


1. the R.I.P end

2. the R.I.P nether

3. tropical dimension 

4. cavern world

5. licker land 

6. snow mode

7. the flaw lands


1. glitched zombie

2. glitch 404

3. glitched spider

4. old brown spider

5. zombie pigperson bloody

6. glitched zombie pigperson

7. drowned

8. glitched drown

9. glitched skeleton 

10. glitched pig

11. glitched snake

12. glitch

13. glitch cow

14. glitch living block

15. living code block

16. glitch chicken

17. glitch villager

18. tracer

19. widowmaker

20. glitch bows men

21. glitch swords men

22. steve

23. happy looking steve

24. glitched steve

25. glitched alex

26. door man

27. steve villager hybrid

28. glitched springtrap

29. zerobrine

30. fear'o'brine

31. testificate

32. mummy

33. dungeon skeleton 

34. cave creeper

35. fishager

36. fish nemo

37. shark

38. glitched fish

39. tropical fish

40. tropical squid 

41. undead cave dweller 

42. villager humanoid 

43. flame wraith 

44. nether slinger

45. strong hold seer

46. tyrant 

47. flameseer

48. flame pericer 

49. flame greevit

50. NPC

51. CPU

52. BPU

53. VPU

54. QPU

55. ZPU

56. licker

57. licker spiderrr

58. HD creeper

59. humanziod zombie

60. D.A.R..K zombie 

61. cleaning spider

62. boom boom cleaning spider

63. scrapering 

64. scrapering queen

65. yellow might driller

66. driller might queen

67. the ore-gen beast of D.A.R.K

68. ellen D.A.R.K

69. the nether dweller

70. the nether dweller leader

71. deformed alex

72. blue greed

73. spring'trape'

74. ben drowned

75. frank'en slimy

76. deformed code #1

77. deformed code #2

78. deformed code #3

79. deformed code #4

80. deformed code #5

81. disformed code leader

82. desert skeleton 

83. purple masteeeer

84. bediod

85. the well wisher

86. thw

87. Owo

88. pun-ken

89. the pain "fuel"

90. the nether server 

91. glitched granny

92. glitched carnage

93. lost miner 

94. the white inferno 

95. fred falling running the third

96. the pigager

97. the pigager swords men

98. the pigager bows men

99. the pigager wizard 

100. the pigilager axe man

101. the pigilager witch lady man thing

102. the matej

103. the kelmen (I would add more people who help with MCreator but I only know two)

104. flaw entity 45

105. flaw entity 456

106. creeper spider

107. chickager

108. bee

109. villager cow

110. brown mooshroom

112. nether drowned
113. seaweed drowned

114. drowned pigman

115. flawed spider

116. virus spider

117. scorpion

118. zombie pig not man

119. mudy pig

120. virus pig

121. glazed creeper

122. virus creeper

123. creeper drone

124. Guinea pig 

125. tiny rex

126. duck

127. virus chicken 

128. questionable cow

129. white cow

130. creeper cow

131. the armlisted

132: might queen egg

133. the multi element 


1. dyed red water

2. dyed purple water 

3.dyed  yellow water

4. dyed orange water

5.  dyed cyan water

6. dyed green water

7. dyed lava red

8. dyed water green

9. dyed lava blue

10 infonittele lava

11. h2o floter water


1. volcanos 

2. liquidic structure

3. flawed village

4. super DUPER MEOER structure of the kitty block

5. ore viddic caves

6. nether reactor nether structure

7. pig village 

8. pig ice spikes village

9. pig jungle village

10. pig beach village

11. pig underwater village

12. pig ice ocean village

13. underwater village

VERY special features

After a year in a half I was able to make animations but I wanted to off them but I didn't know how to...……......................................lots of dots later .........................……..…. until now. CUT SCENES!!! so far minecarft has 2 cut scenes on of them is the player (steve) entering a village but with pigmen in habiting it. and the other one....well that one is one of my most hard worked things. it is the girl of overwatch tracer vs no name. (I have no idea what overwatch is but I liked that characters). if you are wandering how to play these cut scenes then well you would have to craft them...…….BUT! the recipe is very hidden you would have to go into commands and type of code into the command system. for a hint the code starts with 6 and ends with 9. the reason why its very hidden is because the animation with tracer vs no name stands about 45 minutes long. and steve in the pigman village stands about 25 seconds. have fun! ( I don't know how people put emoji's in there description so I will put this) @_@ (also before I leave you to play the mod importing animations was a pain to import so I hope you find them funny, entertaining, scary, and uh glitchy?) also also if you say that you found the animation GREAT JOB! I will put your name in the "person who is good at guessing passwords list" and again have fun! also also also note that all voice acting is done by me, tracers is good, but widowmakers voice is uhhh... it sounds like a dying mouse in a blender....p.s I used blender to make these animations. Ps.s.s.s..s.s.s.s. if you are thinking "why did I hide these animations/videos things, it because I want to have people get a little more for what they intended for ( I just keep going and going don't I?). Also note that the Minecraft animation is a Minecraft animation....yeah I didn’t really need to add that part in didn’t i? Thank you all for downloading for all who put comments in the comment section of glitch's mod I will there avatar into a mob or entity.

other things besides my masterpiece

new music! (every mod should have there own music right?)

1. glitch's theme

2. a glitched witch

3. jerrits jerrits

4. widowmaker vs no name theme

5. tracer vs no name theme

6. team up

7. welcome to the machine 

8. so how ya been?

9. 6778904663567712

10. death is not a option 

11. tomato juice 

12. the meaning of life is 42

13. overwatch vs no name

14. life has just ended

15. the world is just another rock with life

16. pigman da song

new sounds with blocks

1. when note block is placed on top of a jade block it will make a "water splashing sound" 

2. when note block is placed on top of a kitty block it will make a "meow sound"

3. when a note block is placed on a top of a licker air block it will make a " reversed screaming sound that has a bell ringing in the back ground"

4. when a note block is placed on top of a  death is near block it will make a "oof sound"

5. when a note block is placed on any of the dyed wood it will make a "lava popping sound"

6. when a note block is placed on top of a Mcreator block it will make a " a female voice saying welcome to MCreator"

7. when a note block is placed on any of the licker blocks it will make a " like a hand put in mud and making odd sounds with the mud"

animations/CUT SCENES

1. tracer vs no name

2. steve meets a pig land village



The white inferno 

Heath points: 189

damage: 11

entity type: boss 

special things: when damage is dealt to the white inferno it will summon three flameseer,  flame pericer, or flame greevit.

speed: creeper

biome spawn: nether or volcanos.


Driller might queen

Heath points: 86

damage: 6

entity type: boss 

special things: can randomly spawn might queen eggs that will hatch in 2.5 seconds and will spawn ten yellow might drillers. 

biome spawn: snow land biome.

speed: ocelot 


The armlisted 

Heath points: 789

damage: 14

entity type: boss 

special things: it will charge at you until the armlisted's health is below 456. it will have a completely different AI it will try to avoid the player or the entity that is attacking it. when the player gets the armlisted's health to 222 it will spawn in the white inferno 3 times. and when armlisted's health is 20 it will spawn in evokers every time you hit it after that. and finally when you kill the armlisted's it will spawn in a chicken.

biome spawn: can only be spawned by commands

speed: zombie


The multi element 

Heath points: 567

damage: 15

entity type: boss 

special things: when health is at 567 the multi element slow you down and drowns you, when health is at 434 the multi element will not drown you or slow you down anymore but now it will give you poison and hunger, when health is at 323 the multi element will not give you poison and hunger anymore, but NOW it will randomly spawn lava or water (mostly lava). when health is at 145 it will slow you down, drown you, poison you, give you hunger, spawn lava,and water. oh and you have you to get hit my the multi element to have the negitive effects except the water and lava part. P.S the multi element is immune to arrows.

biome spawn: ice spikes biome

speed: wither


Glitched carnage

Heath points: 156

damage: 4

entity type: hard mob

special things: glitched carnage can climb walls and where ever glitched carnage goes any kind if licker block will be places

biome spawn: flawed biome

speed: spider


The ore-gen beast of D.A.R.K

Heath points: 789

damage: 19

entity type: boss

special things: The ore-gen beast of D.A.R.K has three stages, when heath is at 789 The ore-gen beast will act like a slime by jumping 30 blocks in the air, when health is at 487 The ore-gen beast will have no arms and deal 17 damage also The ore-gen beast will spawn both kinds of lickers, when health is 20 The ore-gen beast will lose its head and run around in circles spawning 5 lickers per hit inflicted on the The ore-gen beast of D.A.R.K.

biome spawn: nether or licker land.

speed: iron golem to zombie to ocelot. 


Drowned pigman 

Heath points: 20

damage: 5

entity type: normal mob

special things: a underwater mob that act like pig men but very useful. the drowned pigman can drop a AWM or a kar98.

biome spawn: ocean, river, swamp.

speed: zombie


Virus creeper

Heath points: 20

damage: 0

entity type: hard mob

special things: when the player is 10 blocks away from the player the virus creeper will explode and then spawn a wither (stay away from this guy).

biome spawn:  walf emoib

speed: iron golem


Glazed creeper

Heath points: 20

damage: 0

entity type: easy mob

special things: when explodes it will set 100 blocks into glowstone blocks.

biome spawn: nether, overworld

speed: creeper


Undead cave dweller 

Heath points: 20

damage: 4

entity type: easy mob

special things: it dwells in caves.

biome spawn: caves 30 blocks deep of spawn.

speed: zombie


Nether drowned

Heath points: 20

damage: 4

entity type: easy mob

special things: when a any kind of drowned (except pigman drowned)  is in lava for 3 minutes (put Fire Resistance on drowned in order to happen) and then kill the nether drowned to get a flair gun.

biome spawn: player spawn able.

speed: zombie



Heath points: 20

damage: 6

entity type: hard mob

special things: same AI as a blaze

biome spawn: nether and licker land

speed: blaze


Cave creeper

Heath points: 20

damage: 6

entity type: hard mob

special things: has 6 x the explosion of a regular creeper.

biome spawn: stone biome

speed: creeper


 Announcement!! (7/13/2019)

7/20/2019 i will be moving back to my home country Slovenia so I updates will be take a lot longer to be posted my apologies. At 9/12/2019 I will release the part TWO of no name vs tracer. the reason why is because when I released the update "glitch's mod update disformed code" that gained 204 downloads in 4 days! and I left no name vs tracer on a cliff hanger so no name vs tracer part TWO will come semi soon. ALSO when I am finished with no name vs tracer I have three planed animations and those are

Frozen (Walt Disney) vs no name

Pubg (game) vs no name

legend of Zelda (game) vs no name

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