LoL-Pranking Mod

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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    This mod is for all the pranksters out there. Prank your friends by making a fake Nether Portal, giving them fake Iron Armour, or even clear their inventories by making them eat Caek! This is rather simple at the moment, but as you will see, it is in development. This actually started out as a hobby project, nothing that I really wanted to publish. Version 0.1 is technically version 0.2, because the first was a fail(not to mention me forgetting to make textures). Anyway, prank, enjoy, and have fun!


-Prank wood, trees, plank, and tools(which give really ridiculous effects when worn).

-Confusion Block(for confusion dimension portal), and dimension.

-Confusing Block(confusion dimension main block).

-Wat(Obnoxious liquid that spams 'ooooh golly' in the chat when you are in it).

-Prank Biome(very mountainous biome that spawns every structure).

-Caek(clears your inventory when eaten).

-Hiurabrat Gem armor, and tools(very op)

-Confusillager(spawns in confusion biome, sort of looks like villager, and gives you Totallyuselesssok?s when you give it sugar and then take the sugar).

-F key now has use(clears your inventory).

-Oof(useless music disc).

-Bruh material pack(armor and tools give ridiculous effects).

-Totallyuselessok?s(ranged item, appears to shoot redstone torches, and does 20 damage).

-Trapped Shack(looks like an abandoned shack but blows up when you step over it's doorstep).

-Weirdness Potion(throws you into the air when consumed).

Modification files
LoL-v0.1_0.jar - The first-or rather the second-version of LoL.263.69 KB
LoL v1.1.jar - Second version of LoL.326.85 KB

Version 1-LoL's first stages:


  • Prank Wood, Trees, and Tools.
  • Bruh Ore, Ingots, Tools, and Armor.
  • Confusing Block, Portal, and, Dimension.
  • Confusion block- for Confusion Dimension Portal.
  • Wat-new liquid that spams 'oooh golly' in the chat.
  • Confusion Biome- all structures spawn here.
  • Lootig-completely useless enchantment.
  • Caek- clears your inventory.
  • Yeet- function that throws you into the air.
  • Confusillager-new villager-like creature, rideable.
  • Hi Ur a Brat Gem- dropped by Confusillager and currently useless.
  • Oof-useless music disc.
  • Ur Face-weird GUI.
  • Totallyuselessitemok?-OP ranged item, kills the wither in about 15 hits.

Version 1.1


-Prank biome is now rare.

-Added Hi armor and tools.

-Added Trapped Shack.

-Added Caek Recipe

-Confusillagers trading GUI added.