Tutorial: Custom crafting machine block

Published by Matej on Sun, 06/10/2018 - 19:31
MCreator Tutorial - Using procedures for a custom crafting block

As the answer to multiple requests, we made a tutorial on how to create a fully operational custom crafting block using the MCreator's new procedure system.

This kind of tutorial was the most requested one since the release of the procedure system that allowed doing such modifications. In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Create a block with its own inventory
  • Implement your own crafting procedure
  • Design a GUI for crafting-table-like blocks
  • Open a GUI using the procedures

The modification introduces a new crafting-table-like block which can be used for fusing Redstone Dust, Diamonds and Gold with Iron Blocks. You put 1 iron block in the top left slot and one of the 3 materials to create Red Iron, Diamond Blocks or Gold Blocks.


The mod and its workspace file can be downloaded on the modification's page.




You can find some more examples and help with procedures on our procedure system reference wiki page. If you have any questions or recommendations, leave a comment in the comment section below. Stay tuned!

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"Added option to import structures using the structure block"
1.8.0 is going to be one of the best mcreator updates ever XD! Does it work with modded blocks?

Does anyone know how to create spawner blocks with custom mods and put them in a created structure?

What is the "Leap at target" AI task supposed to do? The wiki says that it makes the mob act like a spider, but it actually jumps like a slime (and, unlike the slime, it takes damage by its own jumps)

I have just saw the 1.8.0 screenshot showing the overhauled mod elements list
They look so cool and also are very useful, especially the new recipe image! :D

How do you create a processing block that takes time to process, like a furnace, for example?

It works, you just did something wrong. I suggest you to download the sample workspace that is found in the video description, open it and investigate it how it was made and build from there.

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