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Published by JoaquinIam on Thu, 02/14/2019 - 23:53
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Welcome to Mine Plus! This is a mod Made by JoaquinIam that aims to add a variety of new and interesting things to Minecraft! From ores, to tools, to mobs, to quality of life recipes, to entirely different dimensions, Mine Plus is a mod that has lots of exciting and creative things in it that enhance Minecraft and make it more fun and interactive!


In addition to this mod being full of unique content, I aim to make and push out an update at least once every few weeks, whether it be new items, blocks, mobs, achievements, food, dimensions, recipes, and so much more! I hope you enjoy Mine Plus!


If you find any bugs in the mod, please report them on the forum (link below) or as a comment on this page!


Forum Thread: https://mcreator.net/forum/82330/mine-plus-official-thread

Modification files
Mine Plus 1.1.3.jar - Mine Plus Version 1.1.3 Mod FileUploaded on: 05/24/2022 - 17:40   File size: 1.73 MB
Mine Plus 1.1.2.jar - Mine Plus Version 1.1.2 Mod FileUploaded on: 04/14/2022 - 01:41   File size: 1.47 MB
Mine Plus 1.1.1.jar - Mine Plus Version 1.1.1 Mod FileUploaded on: 01/13/2022 - 03:10   File size: 1.37 MB
Mine Plus 1.1.jar - Mine Plus Version 1.1 Mod FileUploaded on: 01/08/2022 - 04:30   File size: 1.01 MB

Mine Plus Version 1.1.3 (The Rocky Return):

- Added Every Rock.

- Added two new Gemstones, Topaz and Garnet! 

- Added Placer and Destroyer blocks! These blocks look like dispensers, but do exactly what their names say! Have fun using these in extreme redstone contraptions!

- Added Clover Patches! This new grass can spawn in most biomes, and can be used to obtain 3 Leaf Clovers, and on extremely rare occasions, 4 Leaf Clovers!

- Added Cherries! These fruits can now be obtained from sakura leaves like apples are obtained from oak leaves. They can be eaten extremely fast as well!

- The Alloy Furnace finally works. A tooltip has also been added.

- Removed the Meadow biome. Honestly, I felt that the Meadow was really unnecessary and got replaced by the vanilla meadow biome. All Meadow biome features have been moved to the flower forest.

- Luck Potions can now be obtained in survival with a 4 Leaf Clover.

- Added Iron Golem and Snow Golem spawn eggs.

- Added Small Stalactite Clusters and Stalagmite Clusters. Stalagmite Clusters were in the game before, but were uncraftable in survival mode, however, now they are!

- Diamond Armor can now be smelted into nuggets, thus, making diamonds, renewable.

- Small Stalagmites and Stalactites can now be crafted.

- Leather can now be turned into 4 Rabbit Hide.

- Spyglasses can now sometimes be found in shipwreck treasure chests.

- Geode loot has been changed. They also now drop from smooth basalt or tuff at a higher chance than stone.

- Breaking tuff blocks no longer cause the item to go flying. Tuff blocks also no longer drop ash when in creative.

- Palm Planks, Sakura Planks, and all Maple Log types now correctly break faster with an axe.

- Palm leaves no longer drop items when broken in creative.

- Bonemeal can now be used to on the Mine Plus tall flowers like how it's used on rose bushes or peonies. Using bonemeal gives you another tall flower of the type you use it on.

- All ore blocks can now be smelted.

- Tomato crops no longer have random positioning when planted and always drop a tomato seed.

- Obsidian armor no longer gives armor toughness.

- Palm trees no longer generate in deserts.

- You now get Maple Syrup Bottles by right clicking a Maple Log full of sap with an empty bottle.

- The Mine Plus in game description and version number has been updated to be accurate.


Hope you enjoy the update!

Mine Plus Version 1.1.2 (The Metal Age Update):

- Added an Industrial Compactor! Tired of common blocks like cobblestone, dirt and stone filling up your inventory? Simply put 9 of them into this machine and you get a compact block!

- Added Diving Helmets! An extremely useful helmet to aid your many ocean explorations! Brought to you directly from the metal age!

- Added Sunstone and Moonstone! These gemstones are very unique and only spawn in the sky dimension!

- Added Black Diamonds! These powerful and unstable diamonds only spawn very deep in the reverse dimension!

- Added special notes that you get whenever you enter the reverse dimension or sky dimension for the 1st time.

- Added Ash Blocks! These dark, sandy blocks can spawn across the Nether or be obtained from breaking tuff with a pickaxe. Tuff is now obtained with silk touch.

- Added the Lightning Insignia! This special thunderbolt summons a Lightning Guardian when used!

- So many new achievements. Achievements are mainly now to provide a sort of guideline of basic progression.

- Bee Nests can now spawn on the ground in Meadow biomes.

- Name tags can now be crafted.

- It can no longer rain in the Sky Dimension.

- Most tools work correctly.

- Alloy Furnace now actually works. (Srry bout that, was kinda lazy at the time...)

- You now need a Netherite Pickaxe to mine lost debris.

- All water in the Reverse Dimension now gives slowness and poison.

- All one block flowers now have appropriete bounding boxes.

- Palm Leaves have increased drop rates.

- Some recipes that were accidentally uncraftable are now craftable.

- Some armors and tools have been adjusted.

- Sakura, Maple, and Palm Trees generate slightly more smoothly.

- Lightning Guardians no longer attack each other and don't attack you.

- Updated textures of coconuts and apple pie.

- Changed some crafting recipes.


Hope you enjoy the update!


Mine Plus Version 1.1.1 (Decoration, Food, and Lore Update):
- Added a new overworld biome: the Meadow biome! This biome is like a plains biome, but has every flower in the game!

- Added Quicksand! A slightly darker sand block that spawns in deserts, be careful when exploring deserts as once you fall into it, there is no escape!

- Added Palm Trees! A brand-new type of tree that generates on beaches and in desert oases.

- Added Coconuts! These delicious fruits can be found occasionally when breaking palm leaves.

- Added Geodes! These breakable rocks can be right clicked to gain a few ores! They can also be found with a small chance when mining any stone block!

- Sky grass now correctly spawns in the sky dimension and has a new bounding box.

- Added the Gold Crown! A very fashionable crown that you can wear to show you're the king!

- Added Sakura trees! These pink leafed trees can spawn in any plans or forest biomes!

- Added Maple Trees! These amber trees spawn in taiga biomes and can be harvested for Maple Syrup!

- Added Enchanted Diamond Apple!

- Added Raw Squid!

- Added Sweet Potatoes!

- Added notes for every boss.

- Added Titanium Armor!

- Added Emerald Armor!

- Added Cobblestone Armor!

- Added 7 different flowers!

- Added a few kitchen utensils!

- Added an absolute TON of other food items. So many, in fact, writing them all would be a waste.

- Endite Ingots, Scrap, and Lost Debris can now be found in end cities, but Lost Debris spawns slightly less naturally.

- Ender Dragon Loot has been tweaked

- Lots of various armor and weapon balancing.

- Lots of tooltip changes and additions to items and blocks.

- Lots of minor bug fixes.

- Silver, Platinum, Ruby, and Endite blocks can now all be used as beacon bases.

- The Ender Dragon can no longer destroy End Respawn Anchors, Lost Debris, and Endite Blocks.

- You now move super-fast on sugar blocks.


Hope you enjoy the update!


Mine Plus Version 1.1 (Oodles o' Ores and Sky-High Update):

- Added Steel!

- Added Chromium!

- Added Stainless Steel!

- Added Titanium!

- Added Tin!

- Added Aluminum!

- Added Tungsten!

- Added Bronze!

- Added Zinc!

- Added Brass!

- Added Lightning Ore!

- Added an Alloy Furnace!

- Added Cloud and Rain Cloud Blocks! Both of these blocks can spawn in clusters at the top of the world and can only be mined with silk touch since they're so frail.

- Added the Sky Dimension!

- Added an achievement for starting a world! Thank you for your support!

- Added Skyline Shooters.

- Bosses now have a somewhat linear progression. For example, all bosses require you to beat the past boss before you can fight them.

- Added a message to announce when a zombie siege is happening.

- Pyrite and Reverse Flint & Steel now ignite tnt and creepers.

- Added Tomatoes! You can occasionally get tomato seeds from breaking grass, and you can farm tomatoes on farmland.

- Changed, removed, and added various boss drops.

- Created a new creative tab for mobs.

- Bacon can now be cooked into Cooked Bacon.

- Resprited ruby and endite. 

- Zombie Lumberjack has been slightly resprited.

- So many ore fixes and all ores have corrected values.

- So many block values have been adjusted.

- Fixed Amethyst's texture being broke.

- Fixed Cured Chorus Fruit from being broke.

- All smeltable recipes now give the right amount of exp.

- All Flint and Steels work correctly.

- Reverse Blocks work correctly.


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.9 (End and QoL Update):

- Added death messages for every current boss!

- Added Lost Debris! Can be mined near the bottom of the End extremely rarely. You need a diamond pick to mine these.

- Added Dragon Scales! These purple scales drop whenever you defeat the Ender Dragon.

- Added Endite Scrap! Smelt your Lost Debris to get these.

- Added Endite! Use 4 Endite Scrap and 4 Dragon Scales to craft this powerful bar.

- Added Endite Block! Flex your skill and how much time you've spent in this block game to everyone.

- Added Endite Armor and Weapons! Wearing a full set of Endite Armor gives you 80% knockback resistance and allows survival flight! Each Endite tool gives a specific buff when you hold it.

- Added a handful of endgame weapons that can be droped from the Ender Dragon and crafted via dragon scales.

- Added the Dragon Buff, an extremely powerful and mysterious buff that can only be used through brewing dragon scales or using weapons gotten directly from the Ender Dragon!

- Dragon Eggs and Dragon's Breath now have a 10% chance to drop from the Ender Dragon while Elytras have a 5% chance.

- Added the Ender Sword! Right click with this sword to throw an ender pearl! You can only throw an ender pearl once every 20 seconds. The ender pearl can also be used like a projectile and does 2 damage if it hits an enemy.

- Added Cured Chorus Fruit! Can be made with a chorus fruit and salt. It restores 8 hunger, 4.8 saturation, and only has a 5% chance to teleport the player!

- Added a /dimension command which puts you in the dimension you type after the command! Arguments are currently overworld, nether, end, or reverse.

- Added an End Respawn Anchor! Fill with up to 4 end rods and you'll be able to respawn in the End instead of the Overworld! (God, this took WAY too much time to make... ;-;)

- Fixed Reverse Zombies being able to spawn in the End and Nether.

- Added achievements for getting a Lost Debris, a Dragon Scale, a full set of Endite, and a certain Endite tool.

- Fixed Reverse Flint and Steel not making any sound when lighting fires.

- Added Enchanted Raindrop! Tired of the rain? Use this item to clear the sky of rain or thunder!

- Added Chain Piece!

- Chainmail armor can now be smelted down to a chain piece instead of an iron nugget. Nine chain pieces makes one chain.

- All leather armor pieces can be crafted into 1 leather.

- Added a recipe to change End Stone Bricks back to end stone.

- Added a recipe to change the Brick block back to bricks.

- Added a recipe to change Purpur Blocks back to Popped Chorus Fruit.

- Four red sand can be crafted with 4 sand and 1 red dye.

- Whenever you die, you have a 10% chance to drop your skull.

- Added recipes for the Skeleton, Zombie, and Creeper head by surrounding a player head with bones, rotten flesh, and gunpowder respectively.

- Terracotta can be turned into a clay block in a crafting table.

- Stone can be cut into gravel using a stonecutter.

- Mycelium can be crafted using 8 brown mushrooms and a grass block.

- Updated the Zombie Lumberjack and Reverse Zombie to hold their arms out like normal zombies.

- Changed the Reverse Zombies texture.

- Zombie Lumberjack now burns during the day and can only spawn at night.

- Zombie Axe now has half the enchantability as iron.

- Glow Ink Sacs can be crafted from 4 ink sacs and 1 glowstone dust.

- Mine Plus Copper Ingots can be changed to vanilla Copper Ingots for convenience. This will be changed in the future.

- You can now turn any two wood logs directly into sticks instead of having to make planks.

- The vanilla chain block only requires three chains.

- Desert Crawler no longer spawns minions.

- Any terracotta can now be turned into bricks via stonecutter.

- Sponges can now be crafted using 4 prismarine shards and 1 bucket.

- You can now make 4 Crying Obsidian from 1 water bucket, 4 netherrack, and 4 obsidian.


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.8 (Boss Bonanza):

- For the first time ever, I have added not one, not two, not even three, but THREE new, exciting bosses to Minecraft! These three bosses are all designed to be fought way before the Ender Dragon or Wither, so you can fight them almost immediately after starting your world! Info about each of them can be found below:

    - The Desert Crawler is a sandy looking arthropod that will prowl the deserts in search of food and spawns randomly during the day. It drops a Desert Sword or a Sun Sigil. Each drop has a 50% chance, and you can only get 1 from a single boss. The Desert Crawler also summons 3 Sandy Crawlers when it reaches 50% health to aid it in battle. It has 20 hearts of health and does almost 2 hearts of damage, so be prepared before taking on this boss!

    - The Killer Wolf is a fierce wolf like predator that will devour any animal or player that passes its gaze! It spawns in the taiga biome and drops 5-10 Killer Wolf Hide along with a 50% chance to drop a Wolf Fang or a Wolf Bone. The Killer Wolf will summon 3 wolfs at 50% health to aid it. It has 25 hearts of health and does 3 hearts of damage. It is recommended to kill the Desert Crawler before fighting!

    - The Zombie Lumberjack is a strong undead hunter that wields an enchanted iron axe. It spawns in any forest at night after defeating the Killer Wolf. It drops a Boss Zombie Head or a Zombie Axe. Each drop has a 50% chance. The Zombie Lumberjack will summon 4 zombies at 50% health to aid it. It has 30 hearts of health and does 5 hearts of damage. It is recommended to kill the Killer Wolf before fighting!

- All boss drops have custom tool tips that highlight their general uses.

- Added Heavy-Duty Wood Armor! Can be made with any type of wood block as opposed to logs. Wood blocks are vanilla and made with 4 logs.

- Added Wooden Shears! A new way to access all the wool and string-based items as early as you want!

- Added a new Mine Plus Consumables creative tab to house all one-use items.

- Reverse Zombies now have 4 armor protection.

- Deleted the Dimension check command as I felt it was largely useless.

- Fixed corn stalks being able to spawn in any biome.

- Reverse creepers can no longer spawn in the overworld.

- Wood Armor can now be made with stripped logs.

- Reduced the amount of defense wood armor gives from 9 to 5.

- Fixed diamond apples giving buffs for way too long.

- Made corn spawn way less.

- Made Reverse Creepers make a crackling sound when they're nearby.

- Reverse Creepers and Zombies have less particles around them.

- Reverse Creepers and Zombies now drop 0-2 reverse dust.

- Pyrite now makes sound and swings the player's arm correctly.

- Edited Mod Description on the homepage.

- Updated latest supported version to 1.17.1


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.6 (Ores and Overhaul):

- Added Platinum Ore! This shiny steel is more powerful than silver, and is a very good alternative to diamond!

- Added Pyrite! This ore looks almost exactly like gold, but can be mined with a wooden pickaxe, found at every layer, and is a bit weaker than gold!

- Right clicking on any block with Pyrite in your hand can light a fire!

- Added the Amethyst! This lavender purple gem can be found under any Desert or Mesa biome!

- Added the Ruby! This scarlet red gem can be found anywhere in the world and is slightly rarer than diamond!

- Added the Peridot! This emerald green gem can be found under any Swamp biome!

- Added the Sapphire! This deep blue gem can be found anywhere in the world and is the rarest ore in the game!

- Added the Ruby Block. Surprising, I know.

- Added Ruby Armor! This armor has a special texture and is more powerful than diamond!

- Added Sweet Corn! Made with corn and sugar, this sweetened vegetable gives you speed 1 for 10 seconds! Helpful at night!

- Fixed the Reverse Dimension being just an endless Sunflower Plains. It's now shaped like the nether.

- Added a Diamond Apple! Better than even an Enchanted Golden Apple, eating this will make you completely broken!

- Massively improved textures for Reverse Obsidian, Reverse Flint and Steel, Reverse Cobblestone

- Added an advancement for eating a Diamond apple.

- Reverse Grass no longer spawns smoke particles because I realized every single block spawning particles at once could cause a ton of lag and annoy people a ton.

- Added Reverse Dust! Dropped from a brand new mob, use it to craft Reverse Obsidian and Reverse Flint and Steel!

- Added the Reverse Creeper! The first mob to be added, this grey looking creeper will behave like a normal creeper, except they spawn in larger groups and drop Reverse Dust!

- Reverse Creepers now spawn in the Reverse Dimension in even greater groups than in the Overworld! Be careful when exploring, or you may find yourself surrounded by dozens of creepers!

- Made Reverse Flint and Steel able to light fires anywhere like normal flint and steel!

- Added the Reverse Zombie! This special zombie will appear in large groups and will do double the damage of a normal zombie! Beware!

- Added a Mine Plus Materials Creative Tab! Find all of your ingots, materials, gems, and more in this tab!

- Added a command that when run shows what dimension you're currently in!

- Copper Ore can now be mined with a wooden pickaxe.

- Tweaked hardness and generation values of most ores.

- Removed search bars from Mine Plus creative tabs since they overlapped GUI text.

- Added recipes for saddle, iron, gold, and diamond horse armor.

- Added a recipe to turn blaze powder back into a rod.

- Added a recipe for trident using nautilus shells, iron, and gold.

- Jack o' Lanterns can now be crafted with Redstone torches or a Glow Stone block.

- Bells can finally be crafted! Use gold, stone, and a stick!

- Honeycomb Blocks can now be crafted back into honeycombs!

- Honey Blocks can now be crafted back into 4 honey bottles!


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.5:

-Added Reverse Grass, Obsidian, Stone, Flint and Steel, and Cobblestone. Notice a pattern yet?

- Added the Reverse Dimension! A dark and cold dimension where everything seems to be different from the overworld. Make the portal to this dimension using the Reverse Obsidian that can be found near the bottom of the Overworld.

- Fixed the Silver Pickaxe not being able to mine Silver Ore. Whoops.

- Added Corn and the Corn Stalk! Corn can be found growing in any plains biome and are always ready to eat!

- Made Bacon not able to be eaten when you're at full hunger.

- You can now revert any wool back into 4 string! Kind of like how diamond blocks can be crafted back into diamonds, you can now do the same with wool!

- Added the recipe for Enchanted Golden Apples back into the game! Since everyone just loves these apples, I added the ability to craft them again! :D

- Added an achievement for getting corn!

- Made Rotten Flesh able to be smelted into Leather! Use all of that flesh from zombies and cook it into something more useful!

- Made Salt Ore less hard and able to be mined with a wood pickaxe.

- Added Block of Sugar! You can now compact all of your sugar into a block because who wouldn't want to stand on sugar!

- Added Cheese! You can make Cheese with just 2 buckets of milk! Can be eaten, of course!

- Added Block of Cheese! Once again, everyone wants to stand on Cheese!


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.4:

- Added Bacon! Bacon is dropped by pigs.

- Added Salt Ore.

- Added Salt.

- Added Obsidian Armor.

- Added Wood Armor. Wood Armor is crafted with wood logs, not planks.

- Added Reverse Dirt.


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.3:

- Added Procedures for the current Mine Plus achievements, so you can actually earn them when you complete them.

- Fixed up some of the Sword and Armor values for Copper and Silver.


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.2:

- Made it so Copper Blocks can now be crafted BACK into ingots. I forgot to add this previously. Whoops.

- Added some achievements that you can get when you find Mine Plus ores.

- Added a Mine Plus Tools Creative Tab.

- Fixed the Harvest Levels and Hardness of some Mine Plus blocks.

- Put all Mine Plus Weapons and Tools into their modded Creative Tabs.


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.1:

- Added Silver Ore.

- Added Silver Ingot.

- Added Silver Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, and Hoe.

- Added Silver Armor.

- Added a Mine Plus Combat Tab. (Which is currently empty! Yay.)

- Added Silver Block

- Added Recipes for all of these!


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!


Mine Plus Version 1.0.0:

- Added Copper Ore.

- Added Copper Ingot.

- Added Copper Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, and Hoe.

- Added Copper Armor.

- Added Chain.

- Chain can be crafted into Chainmail Armor.

- Added a Mine Plus Blocks Creative Tab.

- Added Copper Block.

- Added Chain Block.

- Added Recipes for all of these!


Hope you guys look forward to future updates!

READ THIS GUYS: So unfortunately MCreator isnt letting me run a test client, so for now, I have to put an image from my OLD Mine Plus. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ok, I've managed to update the Mine Plus picture for better quality. Hope you guys enjoy!

Hello everyone! Mine Plus Version 1.0.1 was just released! Hope you guys enjoy the new update!

Hi everyone! Mine Plus Version 1.0.2 has been released! Please note that there is no new image for this version because there hasn't been any new items, blocks, or other physical mod items added, therefore the old image of 1.0.2 will be kept as the latest. Hope you guys enjoy the new update!

Hi guys! Mine Plus Version 1.0.3 has been released! Once again, this update is a pretty small one, so there is no new content image for it. Sorry for all of the recent small updates guys, the next Mine Plus update will be huge, and there will be a lot of new items implemented! Hope you guys enjoy the new update!

Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce that Mine Plus Version 1.0.4 has been released! This is a very special update, because it leads into the next Mine Plus update, which is going to be adding a full dimension and lot of new food! I am probably going to add more to it as well than what I just mentioned. Hope you guys enjoy the new update!

Hey guys. I have a bit of explaining to do, pretty much. I will now be back and updating Mine Plus again! I kinda stopped working on the mod after my old computer basically broke. Now that I have a brand new shiny computer, I will now be updating this mod again! So sorry for the lack of updates guys!

Hi everyone! I am proud to announce that Mine Plus Version 1.0.5 has been released! This update adds some new foods to the games, a whole new dimension, a ton of new blocks and recipes, and even more things! Next update will be mainly focused on brand new ores coming to the Overworld! Hope you guys enjoy the new update!

Anyway, point is Version 1.0.6 is finally out after about a year! Go download it!!! Mod development will also resume normally from now on. In fact, I already have another update planned to be released in the coming weeks to fix some values of tools and armors in game, so be sure to lookout for that! I may even add some new mobs and tools in the coming update, but I'll just have to see if I want to or not. It all depends on how long the hotfixes take. Anyways, with everything I wanted to say out of the way, I hope you guys like the brand new update since I have been working on it for a really long time now, and I hope you look forward to the future update that will be coming out soon! Enjoy!