Creators Weapons

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Have The Powers That Me and My Brother Worked On For a Long Time To Rule Your Minecraft World!!!! These Include Swords That Do INF Damage/Setting The Mobs Health To Zero, Free Building Dimensions, Staffs, and More. These Commands Give You One Of Our Sets Of Armor: /givec767075, and /givec757670. There are Two Dimensions, and Those are The Ice Dimension Which Is Full Of Ice And The Void Which Is Black Wool Only.

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In development
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Modification files
CreatorsWeapons_0.jar - Creators Weapons V1.0.0204.96 KB
CreatorsWeaponsV1.0.1.jar - Creators Weapons V1.0.1319.62 KB
Creators Weapons.jar - The Newest Version1.08 MB

V1.0.0: The Mod Released!

V1.0.1 New Items Added

V1.0.2 The Virus Block and Sword were Added!!!

Nice mod, but please can you go into the features in a little more detail in the description?