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Published by Dreeperte on Sun, 11/24/2019 - 15:24
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IMPORTANT : no need to download a map, when you create a world, a void world with the island will be automatically create

for more information please check my video about my mod :

please download JEI to discover all the crafts.

--Quick guide---

This mod is like skyfactory, to start you will need to create sapling tool to harvest saplings from leaves.

With saplings you can create dust that you can put inside a composter to create dirt.

The next thing you will need to craft is a sieve to obtain pebble and thanks to that you are going to be able to craft cobblestone.

If you want to aquire minerals you will need to craft a gravel sieve.

After that you can start creating energy, automated system and many other thing !


-Gravel sieve : right click with gravel to obtain ore !

-Sieve:  place one dirt above it to create pebble

-Crucible: place on torch under the crucible and put one cobble inside the crucible to make lava !

-Composter : put one  dust to obtain dirt ore one sapling to obtain water

-TechBlock: put one redstone and one iron inside to craft electronic circuit (use energy)

-AutoHammer : automatically make gravel when you place cobblestone above it (use energy)

-AutoSieve : automatically makes ore when you put gravel above it (use energy)

-BlockPlacer : can place cobblestone and gravel (use energy)

-BlockBreaker : can break any block in front of it  (use energy)

-Cobblestone generator : makes cobblestone

-Macerator : can duplicate gold, iron and copper (use energy)

-BlastFurnace : by putting one iron, one block of coal, one copper block you can make steel (use energy)

-BlastFurnacePart : you need to place 2 blast furnace part to be able to use the blast furnace

-NetherGenerator : generate (randomly) neterrrack/quartz/glowstone/soulsand (use a lot of energy)

-Dragonite generator : generate dragonite when you place four dragonite stabilizer around. (use a lot of energy)

-Spirit block : generate spirit for the dragonite reactor

-Copper miner : creates copper when placed under refined cobblestone (use energy)

-Tech lab : allow you to discover new technology (use energy)

-Tree breaker : break nearby tree (use energy)

-----Generator / energy buffer------

-manual generator

-Solar panel

-High solar panel

-Advance solar panel

-wind generator

-Advanced wind generator

-dragonite reactor   ---> /!\ can explode if there is not enough spirit

-lava generator 

-Wood buffer

-Iron buffer

-Copper buffer

-Steel buffer

-Dragonite buffer

------Armor / weapons ------

-Lapis armor

-Steel armor

-Steel pickaxe

-Dragonite armor

-Dragonite sword

-Dragonite pickaxe

-Stone hammer

-Iron hammer

-Sapling tool


-Sky King

----Crops -----

-Sky cane

-Iron bush

-Copper bush

-Steel bush

-Diamond bush

-Redstone bush

-Gold bush

-Esperio bush


-Sky bread

-Sky soup




-Levitation block

-Cobble brick

-Quartz pillar


-Builder wand

-Iron chest

-Copper chest (glitched GUI)

-Steel chest (glitched GUI)

-Dragonite fuel rod (you need to put that inside the dragonite reactor to make it work)


Modification files
SkyCreatorV1.jar - the modUploaded on: 11/24/2019 - 16:11   File size: 1.6 MB

Here's the inspiration I ordered. Thanks for the quick service: D: D

Very nice mod! This combination of extreme simplicity and pretty interesting gameplay is just mindblowing! :D

thank u so much. I was just thinking 'what to make what to make' and then I see this and I am immediately opening mcreator. thanks again for the inspiration

Wow, this is so awesome! Good job! I've mod some mods too, but they are waaay not as good as yours! Keep up the good work!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week!

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