UFMM mod [UPDATE 08/09]

Published by RPJOF on Fri, 07/19/2019 - 18:57
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Version 1.2 is now available! (09/08/2019)


This mod will help you in your minecraft adventure!

It offers simpler crafts, flowers that give resources and great tools!


French version available on the wiki!

The mod will be updated from time to time!

/!\ On this site, there will only be versions (Release) Other versions (1.0.2) will be available on the wiki! /!\

(This mod is a branch of RPJOF!)

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

V 1.2 (Farmer Update) =


  • Wooden heart  
  • Grass heart 
  • Stone heart 
  • Special heart 
  • Command /sun /night /day /mc_help 
  • Ruby Flower
  • Scythe: Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Ruby 
  • Ruby Block 

V 1.1 (Special Update) =


  • Special Ore 
  • Special Ingot (Click to get a random ore) 
  • Ruby Ingot 
  • Ruby Ore 
  • Command /mc_help
  • Command /fr and /en to change the language of the commands (Default EN) 
  • Adding a world input message 
  • /! \ The commands in the / mc_help are not active! 

V 1.0.1 =


  • Spawn flowers naturally
  • Spawn flowers = Coal 40% per biome, Iron 40% per biome, Gold 20% per biome, Diamond 10% per biome, Emerald 5% per biome 

V 1.0.0 =


  • Improvement of picks 
  • Improvement of axes 
  • Improvement of shovels 
  • Improvement of hoes 
  • Flowers: Gold, Iron, Diamond, Emerald, Coal 
  • Portal Frame 
  • Dimension flint and steel 
  • Miner Dimension

Nice mod :)
White background is not recommended for main mod image though. Your mod may possibly be removed if this doesn't change.

Nice mod, but I think you should improve the textures. Just use more colors for them.

Submitted by RPJOF on Tue, 08/06/2019 - 13:37

Version 1.1 is now available!