The Last Of Us Minecraft- Alpha 1.7.10

Published by Chrisplays on Fri, 08/22/2014 - 14:41
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This mod is based on the famous game and loved game The Last Of Us. The mod is currently in Alpha as it has only been made in two days, however a lot of things are implemented into it already. This is my first mod so I need help with using the program Mcreator to help me code, other than that all of the textures are mine, or have been based on previous textures made by other people especially in the mobs.

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This Mod Uses Forge And Minecraft 1.7.10

Remember this mod is a Wip so there may be bugs

The mod currently has 7 mobs these are:

Infected,Infected Soldier,Stalker,Clicker Male,Clicker Female

Soldier,Armed Soldier

More info on the mobs will be uploaded soon

Riot Gear Full Armour set 


  • Cordycep Bock (Gives off particle effect, much like spores in game)
  • Cordycep Fungas Plant (Grows 3 blocks high)
  • Barricade Wall
  • Barricade Wall Painted
  • Barbed Wire (acts like web, deals damage)
  • Reinforced Barbed Wire (Changed texture to barbed wire, stronger than Barbed Wire, Deals more damage)
  • Concrete Block (Strong block, with gravity, texture much like stone slab)
  • Reinforced Concrete Block (Very Strong block, no gravity)
  • Hesco Block (Much like Hesco used in military, very strong block)
  • Hesco Barrier Medium 
  • Hesco Barrier Large
  • Sandbag Block (Strong block, has gravity)
  • Sandbag Wall (Strong wall block, no gravity)
  • Barbed Wire Fence (Much like normal fence but ridden with Barbed Wire, deals damage)
  • C4 (Explodes instantly by redstone signal, large blast radius)
  • Landmine (Tripped by all mobs, explodes, small blast radius)

Weapons (And recipes): 

Much like the game it can only be used once, however usually one hit kill and when crafted it produces 3 (See Below) 

Deals a lot of damage, usually two hit kill on infected mobs. 

Fire Axe 
Deals just less damage than a machete crafted like normal axe. 

Assault Rifle 
Shoots projectiles, deals high damage, 1 knock back and uses bullets (see below) 
How to craft Bullets: 

How to craft Assault Rifle: 

More Images and recipes will be uploaded soon! So in the meantime please say what you think about the mod so far :D

Project status
In development
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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D!!!!!!!!!! <============my thoughts on this :)

My dad likes last of us but not minecraft so i don't know about it yet

I Really Enjoyed this Chrisplays and would like to see more mods from you to come out in the future.

~Sincerely Colo