Custom Crops (with daylight and rain effect)

Started by eflernicolas on Tue, 10/13/2020 - 01:39

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Custom Crops (with daylight and rain effect)
Tue, 10/13/2020 - 01:39



I want to share the procedures i was working for a very standard and organized way to grow crops:

(mostly for people that is new to mcreator and is still learning how to do stuff)

This is based on northwestreesgaming tutorial that you can find here:

also, i'm using pam harvestcraft textures to make them work.



- Custom food

- Custom seed

- Right click with a seed on farmland and put your crop on the ground.

- 4 stages of crop growing

- procedure for making a seed with the food dropped from fully grown crop

- procedure for making spawn seeds 0,001% chance from breaking grass.

- spawn an item when a player breaks it while still growing

- spawn an item when a player breaks it and is fully grown.

- Spawn an item when it explodes while still growing

- spawn an item when it explodes and is fully grown

- replace vanilla crops forcing them to spawn custom items, in this case, when you break a growing or fully grown vanilla crop, it drops it's item for eg ( break a growing/fully grown carrot and it's drops a carrot)

but this time you can control how much or even add a custom drop. (i personally think that potatoes, carrots and beetroots drop lots of items)

you can use this procedure to tone down the drops or even make them take longer.

- the replacing actually is a workaround since you can still plant vanilla crops, but when you break them no matter what state they are, they drop your custom seed for that drop, and that is the crop you then plant and have your own set of rules of ticking, drop, etc.

- you can make crops grow when it rains no matter the daylight level

- you can make your crops grow with lanterns carefully placed  above.

- crops in this case won't grow in the night.

- replace custom foods and fish vanilla recipes to make the game a little bit harder.


Things Pending:

- make bonemeal work on custom crops

- make composter work with custom crops

- accelerate the ticking when it rains so they grow faster in rain.


(All this configs can be modified to whatever you like and it may serve you as inspiration/example)



This is to show you what i made from that link to the youtube tutorial, and there is plenty more you can do!

Check it out, test it, understand how it works and create from it your custom crops or get your ideas from it!