Spires of Baedoor (Magic, Herbalism, and Dimension/Structures Mod)

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Spires of Baedoor (Magic, Herbalism, and Dimension/Structures Mod)

Hello everyone! 

My triad of mods I wanted to showcase here ends with that topic, because I wanted to announce Spires of Baedoor, the last mod I'm currently working on. It's standalone expansion to Wastelands of Baedoor, adding things that didn't fit to WoB atmosphere, but which I'd love to add anyway.

What can you expect?

  • Magic - of course there are lots of better mods on magic, so don't expect anything spectacular. Though Baedoor universe has specific magic mechanics, related to its lore, so maybe you will find it interesting. You will need to choose a path of one of dominant powers, and practice it to learn new spells - some of the spells will cost you really much...
  • Herbalism - the idea which previously was planned for WoB, but it strayed away too far. Basically whole new mechanics based on plants, which will give you many new plants to use, and also option to dry them and use later in different ways
  • New dimension - Baedoor world is based on dimensions like Minecraft, so it's really lore-friendly way to show what's going on with my universe. New dimension will be quite wastelandy, but you will find a lot of story/lore depth in it, once I make large underground dungeons and some structures to find more information of what happened there
    For teleporting to this dimension, you need to find the altar and fill it with your own blood... and I guess you know what that means?
  • Building blocks - I love texturing blocks, and while on WoB I felt the pressure to not go too much outside the frames, here you can expect a really huge amount of various decorative blocks to build

First version of this mod should be dropped this month on MCreator; yet remember it will be extremely early alpha version, so you will get just basic overview what direction mod will go. Main updates should come with holiday's months, because I still want to focus on my main mod, and I consider my two side-projects as more "fresh air to not get bored" than mods on their own for now.

Also, some early versions screenshots for you, whoever would be interested (showcasing early generation of some new biomes in dimension, and table to create sigils):




sigil table

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This looks so cool! (:
Sun, 04/25/2021 - 14:38

This looks so cool! (:

I think that I need a short…
Mon, 06/21/2021 - 18:59

I think that I need a short explanation, as two months have passed since that announcement and I gave no update on this project. I have good news and bad news, but fear not, Spires of Baedoor is not dead!


I abandoned SoB about week after that announcement here, because I had no time to work on it, due to a lot of studying stuff I happened to have in April/May. I had not a lot of time to work on anything, and whenever I had that time, I slowly worked on my main mod, because it had already a lot of mechanics helping me to not feel burned out with amount of features.
As you can guess, that was not a case for Spires of Baedoor.

Starting from scratch

It can sound funny, but this is the reason why I decided to start SoB from scratch. For the third time. I just thought that focusing on dimension was an extremely bad decision - like, noone will travel to the dimension which is that empty, and if I decide to work on magic mechanics, I will need to focus on both things altogether.
This is the reason why with my 3rd iteration of Spires of Baedoor, I will focus on magic only. But fear not! It is meant to be such exclusive topic for early versions, and all things seen on the screenshots above will come. Just later, much later.


So you can be curious when will anything be published, since I started everything from scratch. I can't precisely tell when SoB will be released on MCreator site, as it depends heavily on how I will handle the topic and features. I also want it to be released after several private versions (just as my main mod was released on fifth version), so you will get more polished mod adding something worthy downloading it, instead of just few things without real purpose.

But unlike my main mod, you will be able to play all versions (even so called "private" ones) after joining my Discord server, where I will post each version to be tested earlier.

Of course I will try to keep that topic updated, so you will know when first release is finally out. Wishing you all nice day/night ^^