Elden Ring-like Mod (Looking for people)

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Elden Ring-like Mod (Looking for people)
Sun, 08/06/2023 - 06:26 (edited)

Hello, I'm looking for people that are good with models and / or textures. 
As it says in the title, I'm making a mod about Elden Ring, most specifically the way it handles magic (sorceries and incantations, staffs and seals).

The idea is making our own spells based on entities or MC mechanics (technically, "vanilla friendly" spells), for example: 
- Golem's Skin: Resistance, but slowness. 
- Skeleton's Barrage: Shoot a bunch of magic arrows in quick succession. 
- Warden's Sniff: All surrounding entities (except you) will get glowing for a few seconds. 
- Blaze's Presence: You set yourself on fire, but surrounding enemies will get on fire if near you. 
- Cave Spider's Sting: Pierce and poison any enemies in the direction you're facing.

I'd need modeleres for the models of staffs and seals (and maybe entities, you need to be familiarized with Nerdy's Geckolib Plugin) and texturers for items like the Cerulean Flasks, Wondrous Mixed Physick and all that, although we'll most likely change their names and everything to make them more vanilla-like.
If you send me a DM, I'd like you to show me what models / textures you've made.

Discord: augustogualtieri

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