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Laser mod is a mod to add some lasers.
It adds a satellite bombing laser, a drone-like funnel laser, and a handheld rapier laser.
It is strong so please be careful when using it in survival.


Satellite Laser

Lasers fall from the sky and destroy the terrain.


Funnel Laser

Drone lasers chase and knock down enemies.


Rapier Laser

It uses a hand-held shotgun-like laser to approach and kill enemies.


Please play with this mod!

Modification files
LaserMOD.jarUploaded on: 09/13/2023 - 17:11   File size: 177.07 KB

such a nice mod, may I ask how did you make the laser? Im trying to make smth related to laser but I dunno how

Thank you.
Basically, particles and potion damage are put out in the same place.
Particles are emitted in a straight line.
Find the enemy at the location where you want to do damage, and then apply the potion damage.
However, I have done heals on the undead.

Particles are made by laying many small dots on a straight line.
The direction in which the laser is emitted is calculated using a trigonometric function.
For the direction of rotation, the Euler angle is used as a reference.
In this case, only pitch and yaw are required, and roll is not calculated.
I calculated the matrix and transformed the coordinates.
The dots change their coordinates little by little to make them look like lasers.