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Unleash radiant beauty in your Minecraft world with the "Light Your World" mod! This extraordinary modification breathes new life into your underground adventures, offering a plethora of enchanting features that will leave your world bathed in stunning luminance.

Venture deep underground, and you may just stumble upon the mesmerizing Crystal Caverns cave biome. Here, nature has woven its magic, creating a breathtaking sight for explorers. There are 16 colours of naturally-generated luminous crystal pillars. Capable of transforming your builds into a truly enchanting sight to behold. Among the lamps that can be made with the crystals, there are exotic natural stones to suit all builds, as well as luminous flora to decorate your gardens.

The Crystal Caverns is a highly detailed underground biome. It is largely composed of Basanite, a stone that surrounds each of the 16 colours of procedurally generated Crystal Pillars. The Crystal Caverns is theoretically just as common as Lush Caves, generating on the opposite end of the Humidity scale. It is home to a rare mob, the "Wisp". A hostile mob that fires arcs of electricity at anything it doesn't like. The "Crystal Pillars" are adaptive in their generation, colour is dependent on their surroundings, height is dependent on space and they will not fill up small spaces. Rare stone can also be found exclusively in the Crystal Caverns. Basanite, Dunite, Dolomite, Dacite, Greenstone and Purple Granite. All stones of which have a polished variant as well as Slab, Stairs and Wall variants. There is more than this though.

Light Your World has been thoroughly tested by itself and in modpacks, as well as in multiplayer environments. It has been designed to be as polished as possible and designed to be compatible with all mods. Most textures are made from scratch with love and care. Some textures are intended to resemble vanilla textures.

I have plans for future updates/content as well as porting to newer versions of Minecraft.

Please leave a comment, all thoughts and feedback are welcome



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LightYourWorld-1.18.2-forge-V1.0.jarUploaded on: 09/20/2023 - 06:07   File size: 5.39 MB
LightYourWorld-1.19.2-forge-V1.0.jarUploaded on: 09/20/2023 - 06:07   File size: 5.36 MB

It would be nice if you added plants that illuminate, and mushrooms in caves.

Also, the current version has three luminescent plants. "Magenta Waiving Mushroom", "Green Waiving Mushroom" and "Glowing Fungi" all of which can be found in the Crystal Caverns