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This is a simple mod that enhances combat in minecraft. No crazy weapons, magic or anything like that. This mod (besides from one particle) only uses vanilla textures, effects and mechanics. The mod focuses on:

  • Full-set bonuses:
    • Golden armor: generates a magical field to slow enemies
    • Diamond armor: crits deal extra magic damage
    • Netherite armor: blocking with a shield sets entities in your area on fire, and also gives you fire resistance
  • Weapon improvements:
    • Crossbow: minor armor piercing
    • Trident: major armor piercing
    • Netherite sword: extra fire damage (no ignition, only fire dmg)
    • Your bare hands: bare-handed melee attacks inflict more damage, but they might also damage you (10% chance)
    • The OG blocking system: you can block by right clicking with a sword, just like in the old times
  • Other:
    • Bare-handed attacks are much stronger while you have an enchaanted book in your off-hand
    • Banners increase your damage by 1 magical damage while held in your off-hand
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