Approximately Way Too Many Curses

Published by Chapface on Wed, 08/12/2020 - 03:05
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Approximately Way Too Many Curses (AWTMC) is a mod that adds approximately way too many curses....24.

It also adds 2 non-curse enchants, a mob, a structure, a few items, and a few advancements.

List of Curses

A list of Curses and what they do.

  • Curse of Starvation
    Limits the max amount of hunger you can have. Level I caps at 18/20. II at 6/20, and III at 0/20. For chestplates
  • Curse of The Undead
    Sets player on fire when standing in daylight. For helmets
  • Curse of The Phantom
    Trying to go to sleep plagues you with nightmares, waking you up seconds later and dealing a large amount of damage. For helmets
  • Curse of Healing
    Attacks heal the enemy instead of damaging. The heal is applied after the attack. For weapons.
  • Curse of Recoil
    Attacking deals 1.5x the enchantments level to you. Caps at level III. For weapons.
  • Curse of The Spider
    While crouching/sneaking, the game treats you as if you were in cobweb. For boots.
  • Curse of The Creeper
    Breaking blocks as a low chance of causing an explosion with power 1-4. (creeper explosions normally equal 3). For tools.
  • Curse of Sinning
    Attempting to sprint in the Nether causes you to catch on fire and get applied with wither. For boots.
  • Curse of Gambling
    Breaking blocks has a low chance to either give an XP orb worth 50 XP, or spawn 1-10 silverfish and/or vexes. For tools.
  • Curse of Law Enforcement
    Depending on the level, sets laws that if broken, punishes the player. For chestplates
    I: Killing villagers and attacking villagers.
    II: Killing animals and attacking animals.
    III: Breaking blocks of certain common building materials or types including wood, glass, iron.
    IV: Dropping items, or "littering".
  • Curse of Flammability:
    When caught on fire, the fire doesn't put itself out. For chestplates.
  • Curse of Thalassophobia:
    Gives you the phobia of the ocean. Going near the ocean gives nausea. For helmets.
  • Curse of Sensitivity:
    Being in cold biomes gives slowness. Being in hot biomes hurt your feet. For boots.
  • Curse of The Liar:
    Saying literally anything lying in chat sets your pants on fire. For pants
  • Curse of Alchemy
    Occasionally gives a random negative potion effect. Power and duration is dependent on level. Caps at III. For chestplates
  • Curse of Supporting:
    Attacking occasionally gives the target a random positive potion effect. Power and duration is dependent on level. Caps at III. For weapons.
  • Curse of Having a Rock In Your Shoe:
    Jumping hurts, damage is based on level. Caps at V. For boots.
  • Curse of The Guardian:
    Fishing has a chance to spawn 1-3 guardians, probability based on level, caps at III. For fishing rods.
  • Curse of Silverfishing:
    Breaking blocks has a chance to spawn 1-10 silverfish. For tools.
  • Curse of Exploding
    Dying causes an explosion with equal power as the curse level. Caps at V, for armor.
  • Curse of Arachnophobia
    Being near spiders makes you nauseas and slow. For helmets.
  • Curse of The Inexperienced
    Taking damage has a small chance of making you go down a level. For armor.
  • Curse of Breaking
    Makes items with durability break much, much faster. Caps at III. For breakables.
  • Curse of Vengeance
    Killing an enemy as a small chance of spawning a wisp. For weapons


Wisps, exclusive to the Curse of Vengeance, come in 4 forms.

  • Mad Wisp
    The souls of those unhappy with their fate. Most aggressive and dangerous wisp. No special properties but has high stats.
  • Sad Wisp
    The souls of those upset with their fate. Low stats, but gives hunger and slowness when touched.
  • Rad Wisp
    The souls of those with no strong emotions about their fate. Will cause either instant health or instant damage before despawning.
  • Glad Wisp
    The souls of those happy to be set free. Can only come from undead enemies. Gives resistance and some XP before despawning.



The two non-curse enchants

  • Shulker Guard
    Crouching/sneaking gives absorption and slowness until you stop crouching/sneaking. Power is based on level, caps at III. For boots
  • Butchering
    Increases damage done to animals by double the enchant level. Caps at V. For weapons.

If you're more interested in enchants rather than curses, I recommend Deadly_Golem's Enchanted mod.


To curse an item, you can either use the enchantment books, rarely sold by villagers and such.
Or, you can use the Curse Altar.

The Curse Altar uses a new item called Heliotropes instead of lapis. And gives XP instead of taking it.
It cannot be used to enchant books because I failed to make it compatible with them.
You can either use 1, 5, or 20 Heliotropes when cursing an item, the higher, the better the curses.

The Curse Altar can be crafted with a coal block, two of any stone, two Heliotropes, two bones, and a Sacrificial Dagger.
The dagger is made like a normal sword, but the material is Heliotrope.

Heliotropes are dropped by a new mob called the Curse Cultist. Which is a moderately rare mob that spawns under the same conditions as normal zombies and skeletons.
They can also drop the dagger, but it's uncommon.

Alternatively, you can obtain a Curse Altar from a moderately rare underground structure, but it would be less efficient to look for it in most cases.


The cursing mechanic is not compatible with other mods.
As I couldn't get it to work using item tags.
For now at least, modded items must be cursed using the actual books.

Modification files
AWTNC(V1.1.0).jar - Most recent update.Uploaded on: 10/01/2020 - 17:17   File size: 1.81 MB
AWTNC(V1.0.0).jar - The initial release download of the mod.Uploaded on: 08/12/2020 - 03:37   File size: 1.04 MB


  • 5 more curses
  • Updated models and textures
  • Lowered spawn chance of Cultist Hideout structure
  • Bug fixes


Initial release.

Cool idea! I just don't know why would someone even want to craaft curse altar.... Can you make so in exchange for your tools/armor/wepons being cursed you got something... Like potion effect or you deal more damage?

Honestly, I think the biggest reason it would be used would be for some sort of challenge run or something. It doesnt give too much XP, but it could also be used to get a couple levels quickly, if needed.

I probably should make some positive tradeoff for actually using the curses though, rather than just a bonus for getting curses.

Very cool! Ive seen enchantments mods, but curses are new for me :P