Pharaohs curse

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Lost in the desert, exploring boring desert temples, then you stumble upon something you've never seen before in Minecraft... A  pyramid!??? With treasure like never before! 

With traps other then TNT, Like spikes, Snake pits, Tar? Tired of adventure? Then relax with a oases. But be careful of BANDITS some attack with fists some throw rocks. They will break your chests and gold blocks while your running away from a King Cobra! BUT here is a warning to you.. Those who steal the pharaohs tomb shall be rewarded with the Pharoah's curse.


PS-open images in a new tabs, don't know why   :(   HAVE FUN   :)



Other PS-There is a secret in the pyramid COMMIT IF YOU FIND IT!




Another PS-There is another other Secret in the pyramid COMMIT IF YOU FIND THIS ONE, its harder then the first.   :)



King Cobra




Bandit fists




Bandit rock thrower




Pharaoh and his hand








Knife-can be thrown, while in hand press H to whittle a palm tree stick to get a spear



Spear-can be thrown


Sling shot-have a rock and shoot---use like a bow-NEED A ROCK


rock-just a rock


Khopesh-Sword sharp


Egyptian pounds-money. bandits can drop














Pharaohs tomb




Egyptian pot




New Sand Types



Brown sand-Heating sand place rocky sand on top for a chance to get a special prize


Rocky sand- place on heating sand


Sand slab-its a sandy slab


Crack sand slab- don't step on


Limestone-Partly slows you down


Tar-sucks you up and effects you with Tar poisoning


Quicksand-sucks you up











Jasper armor-amazing looking. bit weaker then iron


Chalcedony armor-Stonger then netherrite With better knockback resistance





knife recipe



Chalcedony chestplate recipe



Chalcedony legging recipe



Chalcedony boots recipe



Jasper helmet recipe



Jasper chestplate recipe



Jasper leggings recipe





Weapon smith 8  Egyptian pounds for 2 jaspers


Farmer 15 Egyptian pounds for 2 Malachite


Fisherman 23 Egyptian pounds for 2 Chalcedony


Armorer 5 chalcedony and 64 heating sand for 1 Egyptian pharaoh helmet


Wandering trader 5 emerald for 1 bucket of quicksand


Commit on my mod if you like it or if there is a problem




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