TBM Reloaded

Published by thebebist on Wed, 02/20/2019 - 18:22
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In development
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this is a mod pack like mod, so it has a little of everything in it.

to see get more information go to TBM Reloadeds official website (wip)

the content of the mod: a new mining dimension, machines, allot of mobs, magical items and structures to explore


Modification files

added a new boss called the dwarf construct, check the website for more info


fixed some bugs


added a new structure to the underworld, the dwarf fort


nerfed the repeating crossbow

This mod is awesome! I haven't downloaded it but I looked at the website! You should submit it for MOTW :)
Why are here no comments?

A better description really would help a mod like this to be recognized in its full potential. Just try a bit harder :)