Minewolf20's misccraft

Published by Minewolf20 on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 17:54
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It has now Minecraft forum page with changelog and old releases! Link: Click here!

This mod adds commands, items, blocks, armour, biome, mobs and cool stuff.

List of them:

  • Commands: /EpicKill (makes epic suicide :D), /woosh (plays epic music :D)
  • Blocks: Ores:Blaze, Ender, Gunpowder, Basalt, Marble, Nikolite, Null(it's not a bug :D) Titanum(ore and smooth block), Copper(ore), Ruby(OreĀ and smooth block) fast rails, led diodes, red stone, red leaves and other cool stuff, blaze block, advanced and iron flower pot (reqires NEI), advanced torch
  • Biome with red stuff
  • Items: super coal, Energetic steak, Slime drink, Slime dust(useless :D), Ruby(gem and ingot), Copper(Ingot and dust), Titanium(ingot), Sickle(ruby), saw(ruby), Basalt ingot, basalt sword, null gem, nikolite, steel ingot, nano rail
  • armour: blaze, ender
  • mobs: miner, notch, worker
  • cool stuff :D: Craftable command blocks (cammuflashe, advanced)

TIP: You may need Crafting guide mod or Not enough items (also known as NEI) for recipes and to see all of the things I added (some of them are hidden in creative).