MC Moon Cake Mod

Published by IETlord on Wed, 08/28/2019 - 19:20
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The English comes from machine translation

Each kind of moon cake

will give you different satiety, so we will not introduce the satiety provided one by one. In addition, all moon cakes can be fed to dogs. mortar Essential Materials for Making Moon Cake Bedrock moon cake Made of bedrock, it is very difficult to chew. After eating it, the resistance will increase by 255 for 5 seconds. Because it is very difficult to chew, it will drop 4 drops of blood and knock 4 teeth at the same time (moon cakes that will knock teeth later are collectively referred to as cough teeth)

Obsidian moon cake

It's harder to chew. Take it and absorb the damage for 15 seconds. Cough up your teeth.

Diamond moon cake

It's harder to chew, eat it for 50 seconds and cough up your teeth.

Emerald moon cake

It's harder to chew, eat give strength and cuckold buff, cough up teeth Iron cake It's harder to chew. Take it and give it strength 2 for 25 seconds and cough up your teeth.

Golden moon cake

Very good eating, eating will get rich and obscene achievements (not typing wrong words)

Sword moon cake

The pit teammate artifact, after eating it, will take 26 points of damage and instantly die suddenly (damage is the damage of all swords in the synthesis)

Shieldy Moon Cake

Eat to gain 25 seconds of life improvement, cough up teeth

Moon cake with sphingowing flavor

It can fly after eating and is very easy to chew.

Moon cakes flavored with liquid medicine

Use any 8 bottles of liquid medicine to form a dough and eat it to obtain all the liquid medicine effects. The duration is very short and easy to chew (the duration in the picture is version 1.0.0, not version 1.0.1)

Magmatic moon cake

Eat burning itself for 10,000 seconds (after all, it is lava), and you can also eat it when the satiety is full (the anvil should be changed to pit teammate)

Water-flavored moon cakes

Remove the flame from your body (not flame protection, but removing the flame from your body) and eat it when your satiety is full.

Player-flavored moon cakes

Made of roasted players' meat, players' meat should be obtained by right-clicking with a meat cutter. Different materials of meat cutters do different harm to themselves. Among them, iron meat cutters do the least harm to themselves, bedrock meat cutters can cut more meat, raw players' meat can also be synthesized into bone meal, and cooked ones can be synthesized into torches.

Dark Cuisine Moon Cake

It's very difficult to swallow. After eating, you achieve success and your stomach will turn for 50 seconds (renamed pit teammate series)

Super Dark Cooking Moon Cake

It is very difficult to swallow, eat debuff, which has achieved success and lasted for a long time, and at the same time change the life value to half a heart, but the supplementary satiety is very large.

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Nice mod :)
Maybe change your first image though, it seems to have an Mcreator screenshot as its background.

You will need to change the image used on this mod as screenshots from the MCreator app shouldn’t be used.

Maybe take some screenshots of the mod being used in game