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Minecraft has always been a world of limitless possibilities, and its charm lies in its simplicity. For those who enjoy the vanilla experience but desire a little extra magic to enhance their adventures, Jane's Mod is here to deliver that. This mod seamlessly integrates new features and mechanics that fit with the vanilla feel of the base game while adding a variety of new content.

Jane's Mod includes 30+ new animals, 20+ new mobs, 85+ new blocks, 10+ structures, 40+ items, 7 new enchantments, 6 new biomes, armor, gamerules, progression elements, trades, advancements, and so much more.

Jane's Mod OST created by Marc3E

Modification files
Janesmod1.1.2_0.jar - Janesmod1.1.2Uploaded on: 05/30/2024 - 00:37   File size: 10.17 MB

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug where Palm Tree Leaves did not drop saplings

Fixed bug where using a Storm Caster did not give Weathermaster Advancement

Fixed a bug where GUI for Snail Shell blocks was glitchy

Fixed issue where hostile mobs can spawn in areas with too high a light level

Fixed issue where trees in Sparselands biome generated as Oak instead of Acacia 

Fixed issue where villages in Sparselands biome generated as plains villages instead of savannah villages

Fixed Shark hitbox funkiness that allowed them to hit players and mobs through blocks

Fixed Throwable Flaming Dynamite crafting recipe

Greathog Helmet now properly negates knockback

Fix Diamond knife crafting recipe




Added graphics for Soul Shrine GUI

Added Phantom Membrane cleric trade

Amano Scale can now be crafted into bonemeal

Ashwood Logs can now be crafted into Ash Blocks

Ash Blocks can now be combined with Sugar to craft gunpowder

Ashwood Planks can now craft a boat

Blazing Staff no longer requires Fire Charges

Blood Bat fur now renamed Rare Pelt, dropped by Greathogs, Blood Bats, and Taurus

Blood Bats completely reworked

Brunt AI reworked

Brunt Guards now drop Gold Ingots, Leather, Bones, Bone Meal on death

Brunts now drop Leather and Bones on death

Cave Horrors detection and behavior reworked

Changed Bleed effect to clear if underneath 2 hearts

Changed Lead Plated Bricks crafting recipe

Changed Lead Poison effect to clear if underneath 3 hearts

Changed Lightning Staff recipe

Changed Sunrunner meat to Large Bird meat

Cob Crawlers now only drop cobwebs on death, when killed by a player

Dead Netherrack generation level tweaked

Decreased Oculus agro range

Decreased Possessed Armor spawn rate

Decreased Possessed Axe spawn rate

Dynamite now explodes with the power of a TNT block

Flaming Dynamite / Cobamite now no long breaks or destroys blocks

Enchanted Snowballs are now throwable

Flingshrooms no longer regenerate 

Flame Caster no longer requires Fire Charges

Flamethrowers projectiles no longer spawn as much fire

Floating Eyes now drop phantom membrane

Gave Moss item a crafting recipe

Geysers now have a crafting recipe

Greathogs now drop Greathog Tusks without looting

Greysharks damage has been nerfed

Greysharks no longer insta target players

Greysharks will now only spawn during the day

Increased Geode drop rate

Jumpkins now drop Rubies on death

Levitation Wand no longer requires Fairy Dust

Lead Plated Bricks texture changed to reflect ingot texture better

Macabres no long affect player with blindness

Macabres now drop Fermented Spider Eyes

Netherrack Geysers now have a crafting recipe

Palm Tree Planks can now craft a boat

Plain Walkers now drop Large Bird meat

Possessed Armor now are afflicted with slowness 2 for 1 second after taking damage

Possessed Axes and Possessed Armor now burn in daylight

Possessed Axes now have a texture other than the axe being held

Purifying a soul now gives Luck affect for 30 minutes

Removed passive effects for all armor sets except for Chainmail armor

Removed shield slowness

Skeletons now have a chance to spawn with iron, lead, or stone swords on hard mode (10% chance)

Stonehenge Structure Removed

Soul Shroom no longer breaks on touch

Spear Zombie spawn rate decreased

Spitslugs now are neutral mobs

Stone Golems now drops a Geode on death

Strange Feathers can now be crafted into Feathers

Summoners buffed, now have more health, multiple defensive moves

Summoners have a new model

Summoners now also drop Fairy Tombs, Soul Staff, rat meat, golden bars

Summoners now are now neutral mobs, but turn hostile in thunder

Summoners now attack undead mobs

Summoners now reside in villages and illager structures

Summoners now spawn 4-7 rats on death, if killed by a player

Summoners now summon different types of souls other than just Illager Souls

Tortoise now drop more Melon Seeds when fed melons

Undead mobs now have rare chance to drop a Ruby

Underground structures spawn more often 

Villager Warriors no long will agro onto players on peaceful mode

Villager Warriors now can be returned to a villager by giving them a gold block

Illagers will now occasion drop bread, books, and arrows

Wither Roses now craftable using an ancient rose, charcoal, and a strange feather

Witherstormer crafting recipe updated

Wasteland biome made slightly more common

Sparselands made slightly more common

Knives all have gotten swing speed cooldown reduced significantly

Crustacean Crusher now has increased durability

Crustacean Crusher now damages armored entities and players more

Lead Ore now spawns more commonly 

Malabeaks now have their own sounds





New Content





  • Behavior
    • Is a boss monster, has 600 health
    • Completely immune to potions, drowning, etc. - can only be damaged through blast, arrows, or direct player attack
  • Activate during thunderstorms
    • When activated, lightning strikes its position
    • When deactivated if somehow killed while deactivated, will not drop loot or xp
  • Automatons spread out from one another when activated 
  • Have incredibly large tracking range
  • Hyper aggressive, attacks all entities, first targeting players, then in following order: villagers, Illagers, brunts, fairies, mobs, animals
  • Shoots lasers from its head cannon
  • Destroys grass, leaf blocks, plants
  • Turns grass blocks into dirt blocks in its path
  • Explodes on death, huge explosion 
    • Death give “Automatomic” achievement 
  • Drops redstone blocks, piston blocks, iron blocks, observers, redstone dust, gold blocks, lead blocks, diamonds 


  • Spawning
    • Can be found littered about in Charred Forests
    • Chance to be found outside of villages (as rare as wizard towers)


  • Sounds
    • Garbled commands
    • Huge alarm calls
    • Car motor sounds
    • Lazer sounds



  • Behavior
    • 40 Health
    • Applies bonemeal where it walks
    • Flee from hostile mobs
    • Try to move indoors during night
    • Kill rats, floating eyes, Carcass Hens, Snogs, Slimes,
    • Immune to fire, fall damage, cactus, drowning, and potions 
    • Can be summoned with “Strange Dirt Clump” (crafted with clay, packed dirt, ruby)
    • Follows player when holding a Strange Dirt Clump or hoe of any type
    • Drops Strange Dirt Clump


  • Spawning
    • Spawns near villages with farms


  • Sounds
    • Dirt block sounds






Block of Fairy Dust

  • Can be crafted with 9 Fairy Dust
  • Acts identical to placed Fairy Dust but does not break on contact


Fling Plate

  • Crafted with piston or sticky piston, uncharged flingshroom, fairy dust, cobblestone
    • Crafts 3 plates
  • On step, flings player up, gives two seconds of slow fall


Dust Chuffer

  • On redstone activation, simulates the use of a Fairy Tomb 
  • Crafted with a Fairy Tomb, cobblestone



  • Found around river biomes, forest biomes of all types
  • Edible, gives equal food to apples 
  • Can be crafted into sugar
  • Bonemealing a Sweetshromes drops 2 - 4 sugar and 2 Sweetshrooms 


Gold Encrusted Pot

  • Crafted with a pot and gold ingot
  • When apple or carrot left inside, one item will be converted to their gold counterpart
  • When Strange Feather or Watermelon left inside, one item will be converted to their glistening counterpart
  • When golden apple left inside, one item will be converted to a super golden apple
  • Chance to fail when converting apples to gold apples (30%) and converting gold apples to super golden apples (60%)
  • On conversion of items, the Gold Encrusted Pot will break and revert to a normal pot


Ruby Encrusted Pot

  • Crafted with a pot and a Ruby
  • When soul is left inside, after 1 minute all souls in the pot will be converted to a different type
  • When a Ruby left inside, after 20 seconds the pot will explode out 2-6 souls of a random type
  • When a book is left inside, after 1 minute it will be converted to either a Binded Book or Fairy Tomb
  • When an item is converted, the Ruby Encrusted Pot will break and revert to a normal pot


Emerald Encrusted Pot

  • Crafted with a pot, emerald blocks
  • On break will summon either a villager, wandering trader, summoner, or warrior illager
  • If an illager is summoned, a crossbow or raid horn is dropped


Arrow Swivel

  • Crafted with Dispenser, Piston, and a Jumpkin block
  • On right click spawns an arrow swivel entity which is tamed to the placer, attacks hostile mobs
    • Entity has 30 attack points
    • Entity can be repaired with iron ingots
      • One ingot restores to full health


End Diamond Ore

  • Found in the end
  • Acts identical to Diamond ore
  • Drops XP on break





Binded Book

  • Crafted with Rare Pelt, book, rubies
  • Shoots stronger version of Taurus’ psychic attack
  • Spam-ish medium-long ranged weapon
  • Iron Sword durability
  • Can be enchanted with unbreaking and mending


Nature Grimoire 

  • Crafted with Binded Book, rubies, moss
  • Ranged Poison Attack
  • Iron Sword durability 
  • Can be enchanted with unbreaking and mending


Infernal Grimoire

  • Crafted with Binded Book, magma cream, ash blocks, and blaze powder
  • Ranged fire attack
  • Shift right click launches player into air, gives slow fall, fire resistance, regeneration for 10 seconds
  • Iron Sword durability
  •  Can be enchanted with unbreaking and mending


Sigil of Mining

  • Crafted with Binded Book, Coal, and Spider Eye, and Glowshroom
  • On right click, if underground (block cannot see sun) will give Night Vision for 2 minutes, Haste for 30 seconds, Speed for 30 seconds
  • High durability 
  • 2 minute cooldown 
  • Can be enchanted with unbreaking and mending


Sigil of Farming

  • Crafted with Binded Book, Strange Dirt Clump, Bonemeal
  • On right click, applies bonemeal in a 3 by 3 radius
  • Lead Sword durability
  • 1 second cooldown
  • Right clicking on Dirtling gives them Regeneration II for 25 minutes, Strength II for 25 minutes
  • Can be enchanted with unbreaking and mending



  • Ranged item
  • Crafted with lead, wood, iron bars, tripwire hook
  • Shoots stone buttons, uses them as ammunition 
  • Lead Sword durability
  • Can be enchanted with Unbreaking and Mending







Greed (I-III)

  • Mobs have chance to drop emerald(s) on death
    • Greed I
      • 8% chance for one emerald
    • Greed II
      • 14% chance for one emerald
    • Greed III
      • 14% chance for one emerald
      • Seperate 6% chance for an another emerald (not stacked with the 14% chance)





Summoner’s Grotto

  • Generates in Dark Oak Forests
  • As common as Taurus Shrine structure
  • Small Stone Castle Structure
  • Houses Pillagers, Summoners
  • Contains chests
    • Lootpool:
      • Common
        • Paper
        • Leather
        • Sticks
      • Uncommon
        • Fairy dust
        • Maps
        • Rubies
        • Undead Souls
        • Arthropod Souls
        • Illager Souls
        • Aquatic Souls
        • Obsidian
        • Glow stone
        • Binded Book
      • Rare
        • Gold
        • Lead
        • Obsidian 
        • Storm Caster
        • Soul Staff
        • Diamond



  • Spawns in Plains biomes
  • Fairly uncommon
  • Has zombie spawned in center, surrounded by obsidian
  • Rat spawner on outskirt
  • Contains Chests:
    • Lootpool:
      • Common
        • Rotten flesh
        • Bones
        • Bonemeal
        • Books
      • Uncommon
        • Iron nugget
        • Gold nugget
        • String
        • Golden carrot
        • Iron ingot
        • Gold ingot
      • Rare
        • Stone knife
        • Stone pickaxe
        • Iron pickaxe
        • Brick
        • Leather
        • Map
        • Binded Book
        • Zombie Head
        • Skeleton head





Cattle and Killers

  • Acquire a Blunderbuss


Up and Away

  • Use a Hot Air Balloon


The XP must flow

  • Purify a soul with a Soul Shrine


Bane Monger

  • Sacrifice a soul with a Soul Shrine


Honest Day’s Work

  • Summon a Dirtling



Crying obsidian now craftable with Obsidian and Lapis

Granite / Diorite / Andesite can be crafted into cobblestone in a crafting table

Flingshrooms can be crafted

Glowshrooms can be crafted

Sweetshrooms can be crafted

Boomshrooms can be crafted

Farmers now trade for Sweetshrooms 

Cave generation tweaked, more cavernous caves generate (3 new cavern structures, circular, stalagmites, and big stalagmites) 




Feel free to post bug reports in the comments or message me directly. Thank you for checking out my mod!