Minecraft Essentials (MCE) v1.0.0

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-1.0.0(MC 1.7.10)

  • Initial release
  • - 3 Ores
  • - 1 new stone type
  • - 30 items
  • - 6 Long ranged weapons
  • - 4 Blocks
  • - 2 tool sets
  • - 3 armor sets
  • - MUCH more to come

When Minecraft Is too simple, you add things to it. I added some simple things. This mod Is recommended to be used with other mods. Just take a look:

There are currently 4 ores, but more to come with new properties uses. Coralstone has no current use.


Ruby can only be mined with diamond, and is the rarest, while cobalt is super common, but can only be mined with ruby. Cobalt is the main ore in this mod. Coralstone has no current use.

Cobalt drops cobalt pebbles, and can be smelted and used in many recipes.

Cobalt Bow recipe. No pullback, and Is kinda buggy.

One of the many things I like about this mod is the shooters and cannons! :D

The sign says arrow shooter, but It's a Super Cannon... yeah.

One of the next things Is the Peacock feather. The recipe is very specific. I would have just added a mob called a Peacock, but I always get an error when I use my own models from Techne, don't know why.

You can use three peacock feathers, a stick and a green obsidian shard (Again, recipe very specific) to make four peacock arrows. You will use this for the arrow shooter, and future updates.

Next you can make a cannonball.  (Recipe specific) This will be ammunition for the Super Cannon.

Next Is shot ammo. It is ammo for the Super Shot.

Now we have armor sets We have ruby, and two different cobalt armors. Short, and normal.

Unique cobalt armor recipes:



Modification files
MCE.zip - Make Minecraft better...Uploaded on: 01/28/2017 - 10:32   File size: 211.45 KB

Your mod is very intersted. Excellent mod.
Do you are planning to make new version of the mod with a many of amazing things?

@#4 I have a big update coming, adding a couple new (Not so OP) long-ranged weapons, as well as some new stone types, ores, and most of all, chisels! Basically you can carve stone and the other new stone types to different formations.

I don't like much the texure of the Coralstone. If you make it whit some stones in the Coralstone, like a ore but whit more texure of the "ore" (Coralstone), it will be better.

The program is very simple but this mod has a great texture for 49 blocks/items!

hey What was the thing you used to make textures because I need that for a mod am makeing