Absolutely Random Mod

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HEADS UP:This Mod May Crash Your Game Occasionally.


A mod of discord and stuff.

It was a completely random mod i made.

It inculdes boykissers,Discord mods,and broken stuff.


That's really it.

It's a load of stuff.

There's not really much to describe...

But i'll describe it anyway.

There is something called furitite which you can use to make a overpowered tool...

It has around 81 attack speed and 9 efficiency.

Furitite is abundant in the enviorment,Extremely abundant.

Probably too abundant.

Also a single piece of cobblestone makes 64 buttons now

Also i added discord mods

They can be found in the terrible discord biome

You can also find furries there

Discord mods drop discord guns

Discord guns have so much knock back they may despawn when you shoot them

Use stone buttons as ammo for the discord guns


Modification files
the_regret_mod-1.0.0.jar - Includes Boykissers and discord mods Uploaded on: 02/14/2024 - 22:35   File size: 172.4 KB

There will be no updates unless i regain interest in the project.