Sponge Expansion

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This mod expands on sponges (shocker!).

Deconstruct a sponge block to get 9 sponges.

Use the sponge on a block (see list of blocks below) to wash it.

The sponge will become either dirty, mossy or wet depending on the block.

Wash dirty/mossy sponges in a water cauldron.

To dry a wet sponge, just right click anywhere.

List of what the sponge cleans:

Mossy Stone Bricks and its variants -> Stone Bricks

Mossy Cobblestone and its variants -> Cobblestone

Moss -> Dirt

Breaks Moss Carpet

Coarse Dirt -> Dirt

Rooted Dirt -> Dirt

Podzol -> Grass

Combine a wet sponge with a honeycomb to make soap, a reusable sponge that doesn't need cleaning

Things the sponge can do, but soap can't:

Crying Obsidian -> Obsidian

Sucks up one block of water

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