The Deep Void

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This mod adds a new dimension to explore composed of only a barren wasteland of bones, corpses falling from the sky and mysteries that awaits the player. But be careful of the inhabitants, for they're not really friendly towards visitors.

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To enter this dimension, you must fall in the Void. A hole in the bedrock can be found at the deepest layer of your world at 0,0. Simply jump in and you'll be there.











Alternatively, you can also fall in the Void in the End.

Many creatures await in these bone dunes for a prey. One of these creature isn't like the others. It likes to watch from afar, in the dark, and waits for an unexpecting victim to step out of the light. But be careful, the inhabitants aren't very fond of light and will destroy any sources present. Wathever you do, STAY IN THE LIGHT, or you might be this thing's next meal...

Creatures you'll encounter :


Damneds are lost souls, once travellers like you that met their unfortunate demise in these lands. They no longer have any thoughts and they wander aimlessly around the wastelands.

Fool Eater

Fool Eaters are devious creatures that disguise themselves as a Damned. When a prey comes close, they reveal their true nature and attack them.


Mourners are mysterious peaceful beings stuck in these wastelands. They mourn the corpses of thousands of creatures scattered all around the Deep Void. Their sadness and despair grow upon nearby creatures.

Bone Crawler

Bone Crawlers are little insects that hide within the bones. They eat whatever they can find and prey in groups. Their bites are lethal and will rot the skin of their prey.

Rotten Corpse

Rotten Corpses are skeletons overtaken by rot. The souls of lost travellers still lingers in them.


Lurkers are amalgams composed of bones and souls. They do not possess a mind and will attack anything.


Hallucinations are beings that dwell in the deepest caves. When a prey enters their domain, they will make it go mad in order to attract the Nightmare and eat the remaining meat on their bones.


Abductors are creatures that hide in the overworld caves. They shriek and wander around in search of a prey. They abduct living creatures and carry them for an unknown reason to an unknown place.

Modification files
the_deep_void-1.12_1.20.1.jar - Version 1.12 ; minecraft 1.20.1Uploaded on: 03/24/2024 - 18:27   File size: 1.82 MB
the_deep_void-1.12_1.19.4.jar - Version 1.12 ; minecraft 1.19.4Uploaded on: 03/24/2024 - 18:27   File size: 1.82 MB


Additions :

  • Lavendite
  • Lavendite Ore
  • Lavendite Smithing Upgrade
  • Lavendite Shield
  • Block Of Lavendite
  • ''Speed; It's Over 9000!!'' advancement
  • ''Is It Amethyst ?'' advancement

Changes :

  • The Eye Of The Deep will now make the Abductors in a 300 block radius glow


Additions :

  • doPlayerTeleportInVoid gamerule

Changes :

  • Changed the Eye Of The Deep recipe
  • The Eye Of The Deep can now detect if an Abductor is nearby