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Adds a couple of new enchantments.

Sword enchantments:

Blood swap: max level 4, gets the bad effects on you and puts it to the enemy, and gets the good effects of the enemy to you.

Fireworks: max level 3, launches the enemy upwards.

Frostbite:  max level 5, makes the enemy freeze, and if it dies while the effect is active, a bunch of ice shards explode from it and if they hit something it also starts to freeze.

Leveling: sacrifices XP for more damage.

Pickaxe enchantments:

Upgrade: upgrades the ores you mine (Coal to gold, gold to iron, iron to diamond, diamond to netherite scraps, netherite to netherite scraps), and you still get the drops of the ore you mine.

Hammer: makes the pick mine 3x3

Elytra enchantments:

Flapping: gives you levitation 20 for half a second when you press a keybind (Default set to B).


Curse of returning: when you hit a mob with the curse, you deal 2 more hearts of damage but take 1 hearts of damage back.

Curse of fear: randomly plays creeper sounds. (super rare but catches you offguard)

 (Fun fact: this mod originally had a proper logo but because of the stupid rules I cant show it)

Modification files
morechant-1.0.jar - The initial release of the mod.Uploaded on: 03/11/2024 - 13:55   File size: 24.15 KB
morechant-1.5.jar - The one that added flappingUploaded on: 03/11/2024 - 14:59   File size: 93.57 KB
morechant-2.0_0.jar - 2 curses, and the leveling enchantmentUploaded on: 03/15/2024 - 18:09   File size: 103.13 KB