Nukes n' Reactors

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Are you a TNT enthusiast, but it just isn't big enough for your liking? Have you ever wanted new machines and materials to play around with? Have you ever wanted a nuke mod that is fully survival compatible? If you check any of those boxes, this mod is for you! This mod adds many new materials including uranium, plutonium, ultranium, and charonite! It also adds multiple new machines and crafters for creating some of those materials, along with many other things. Of course, you can't forget the nukes. All of the explosives are craftable in survival mode, and I will create a guide to this mod eventually. The largest explosive has a blast radius of 500 blocks (750 including the aftermath). Be warned that it may crash your game since the aftermath has tons of lava around the edges, which may crash your game due to the excessive block updates (i would know, happened to me while trying to get a screenshot of the blast lol).

Guide: WIP

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nukes_n_reactors-1.0.2_release.jarUploaded on: 03/11/2024 - 19:36   File size: 2.83 MB

1.0.2: Released the mod