Tek Tier Mod

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Hello,this is the Tek Tier Mod

In this mod,you will can CRAFT Tek Armors and Tek Weapons,but the mod is in Alpha,it isn't complete.

The Element is the most important item in this Mod,you need to Kill "Tek Armor Zombies" to get Element.


Tek Helmet

The Helmet gives ∞ Resistence 


Tek Chestpiece

The Chestpiece gives ∞ Power


Tek Leggings

The Leggings gives ∞ Speed


Tek Bots

The Bots gives ∞ Jump


Tek Assault Rifle

The Rifle can shoot "Plasma" but you will need the Element to use it.


Tek Block

This block is more resistant than Obsidian block and others




-Added Tek Block

-Added a Creative Tab of the Mod

-Added a Achevement when you add a "Tek Block"

-Bug Fix,Now the "Tek Armor Zombie" Attacks Player





Modification files
tek_tier_mod_v1.1.1.jar - Download The Tek Tier Mod HERE!Uploaded on: 06/27/2017 - 22:44   File size: 280.39 KB

It's from ARK: Survival Evolved? Nice!
(actually i don't play it, but this game is nice)

Also, are you a fan of Kaijus?