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Published by HadiBuilds on Sun, 12/03/2017 - 19:44
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Welcome to The PhonesAlpha Mod!

This Mod Adds Over 50+ Devices For Example (iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, Nintendo Switch, Nokia) With Realistic Names And Textures

And With More Updates We Will Continue To Add Even More Devices So Enjoy!

And Also: This Mod is Created For Only Decoration and For Those Who Record Minecraft Animations and Movies and Who Love Tech in General!


Video Showing The Mod:

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

v1.0: First Version



-Added Nokia 225 (Black, Light Gray, White, Yellow)
-Renamed "Blackberry Porsche Design" To "Blackberry Porsche Design P'9981"
-Added iPhone 8 (Silver)
-Added iPhone 8 Plus (Silver)
-Added New Texture For HP Elite x3
-Fixed Many More Textures
-Corrected Phone Names
-Renamed PhonesAlpha Tab to Utilities And Other Devices
-Added Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Blue, Black)
-Added iPhone 7 (Silver, Jet Black, Red)
-Added Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Black)
-Added Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SE (White Special Edition)
-Added LG TV Remote (Black)
-Added Nintendo Switch (Red & Blue) & (Gray)



-Added PS4 Controller (Black, White, Gold)
-Added PSP Classic (Black, Red)
-Added Xbox One Controller (Black, White)
-Fixed Minor Bugs




-New Texture For Silver iPhone 6
-New Texture For Space Gray iPhone 6
-Added Diamond Steel Watch
-Added Emerald Steel Watch
-Renamed Label of The Watch API Inside GUI
-Minor Bug Fixes
-New Icons For Tabs
-Added Watch API
-Added Leather Steel Watch
-Added Gold Steel Watch
-Added Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Blue, Black) When Right Click. Explodes!



-Added Yellow & Blue Nintendo Switch Special Edition
-Added Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SE (Cheese Edition)
-Added Lapis Steel Watch
-Added 24k Gold Xbox One Controller
-Added Diamond Xbox One Controller
-Added 24k Gold PS4 Controller

-Added Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Black)
-Added Samsung Galaxy S8 SE (Quartz Edition, RED Edition)
-Added Samsung Galaxy S8+ SE (Crystal Edition)
-Added Nintendo Switch (Mario Edition)
-Added Iron Steel Watch
-Added PSP (Light Blue, Light Pink)

-Refreshed Samsung Galaxy S8 Black Texture to Make It Clearer
-Added Nintendo Switch (White Edition)
-Bug Fixes
-Fixed Some Textures



-Added Nexus 6P (Black)
-Added Google Pixel (Black, White)
-Bug Fixes



ohh , thank you very much for this mod , it helps me a lot !

please can you tell how to put MCR files to minecraft ?

because i maded mods but not in .jar , it's in .mcr .

please help me

Submitted by KO O3 on Mon, 01/01/2018 - 13:54

Please add Sony Xperia phones/some smartwatches

also if you want advanced about my mod here is the link for any updates its on curse:
Have Fun Buddy :)