Document 17 Sphere Update

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Welcome to the world of document 17; this mod adds in much. however it is not yet complete, this mod currently adds five or so armors, each with special ability's you can unlock. and unqie ways to obtain the items for each armor. 

Bioforce- the energy of life, nothing could live without it, however, it also could not create more of itself without living creatures to grow inside of/

Negitive Bioforce- the energy of death. can be obtained by killing, regardless of whatever it is that you killed. enough of this can produce a strong armor, and weapons. 

Warpzone- the crystalized energy of the warpzone. when wearing a full set, provides a huge boost in speed and haste. perfect for those who love to go fast. also the base under armor of any speedsters.

Cringe Point- simular to the Cenk, but with slightly differnt buffs. (currently unatonable)

Cenk- a regular armor. made out of a nearly indestructable material. (but not in Minecraft, i have to follow game rules) and provides WAY extra protection.

Time Core- a slight speed boost, and the starting armor of any time manipulator.

The mod also adds in tool for each type, respectfully. yes, even hoes. 


Bioforce collection mashine (i will take alternative name suggestions)

Warpzone generator

Block of (type) for each energy/substance or other thing.




Bioforce shot- a shot of pure bioforce that gives you a ton of powers.


Fire force- flight and shoot fire

Carbon Force- convert carbon based materials

Time Force- manipulate time, and heal by "reversing your body through time a few seconds" 

Reality Force- summon minons to fight for you, fly, and create copys of whatever you are looking at. <--- (STRONGEST) 

Super suits/characters:








Mightybean121  <--- (SECOND STRONGEST) 


Marrkoth <--- (THIRD STRONGEST) 

Sphere <--- (STRONGEST) 

Modification files
Document 17 Sphere Update, V-3.1.jar - adds sphere (NO CRAFTING YET) multiple forces, and some bug fixes.Uploaded on: 04/10/2024 - 05:44   File size: 948.87 KB
Doc 17, Sphere update, bug fixes.jar - Just fixed some problems that i found while playtesting the mod.Uploaded on: 04/11/2024 - 05:06   File size: 950.17 KB

Launch date - 3/29/2024

pre alpha version - just the basics

update 3 - 7 or so characters on top of everything else.

Official Version 1: Reckon, Pulse, Discharge, Olympian, Stopwatch, Powercore, Multilite all added to mod. base armors and receipes in mod. basic tools in mod. basic R powers (and a couple advanced F powers) in mod.

Version 2: add's Mightybean121 (not my character, is my friends character) Marrkoth, a man with the powers of many, and many of powers, zero consistency. and Hardsize, a nearly indestrucble super villain with the ability to- he was supposed to change size but i can't do that, so instead he creatives a giant massively powerful explosions. and Fireforce, which lets you fly around and shoot fireballs.