Just Better Food

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Mod name: Just Better Food

Lastest Version: 0.8

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Total number of Elements in this mod: 116



* Nutritional Value : I'm no longer show these informations. 

* Changelog:

Version : 0.8

The Extreme Update II is here! After almost 6 months of hard working and bug fixing...

- Added... lots of food:

+ More burgers!

+ Hotdogs

+ Pizzas

+ Subway style foot long(s)

+ Pickled food

+ And a lot more food!

- Added two new biomes: Mustard and Olive Forest

- Added new machines to make food

- Changed some textures

- Bug fixes

- Changed some recipes

Thanks for the ideas of: RaolTheBest, Ellivers, LuisBarretoHD

If you like my mod, please rate it and comment below! And you can also make a showcase video to make my mod becomes more popular!

If you found any bug, please tell me to fix it!

Thank you!

Modification files
just_better_foods_v.0.6_for_mc_1.11.2.jar - Version 0.6 ( Old )Uploaded on: 08/19/2017 - 05:46   File size: 637.5 KB
Just better food v.0.7 for mc 1.12.2.jar - Version 0.7 ( Old )Uploaded on: 12/09/2017 - 05:22   File size: 644.26 KB
Just better food v.0.8 for mc 1.12.2.jar - Version 0.8 ( Newest )Uploaded on: 04/21/2018 - 10:32   File size: 1.2 MB

Sadly, my previous mod: Kazaxe discontinued, it has a lot of errors. Sorry for who is waiting for a new version of Kazaxe!

Very new and interesting food mod. Ive downloaded it and loved it. Good work! :D

Nice mod! Just wondering what you do with the machines. You can't place them down..
You should make block models for the machines and make them placeable.