Just Better Food

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Mod name: Just Better Food

Lastest Version: 0.8

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Total number of Elements in this mod: 116



* Nutritional Value : I'm no longer show these informations. 

* Changelog:

Version : 0.8

The Extreme Update II is here! After almost 6 months of hard working and bug fixing...

- Added... lots of food:

+ More burgers!

+ Hotdogs

+ Pizzas

+ Subway style foot long(s)

+ Pickled food

+ And a lot more food!

- Added two new biomes: Mustard and Olive Forest

- Added new machines to make food

- Changed some textures

- Bug fixes

- Changed some recipes

Thanks for the ideas of: RaolTheBest, Ellivers, LuisBarretoHD

If you like my mod, please rate it and comment below! And you can also make a showcase video to make my mod becomes more popular!

If you found any bug, please tell me to fix it!

Thank you!

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
just_better_foods_v.0.6_for_mc_1.11.2.jar - Version 0.6 ( Old )637.5 KB
Just better food v.0.7 for mc 1.12.2.jar - Version 0.7 ( Old )644.26 KB
Just better food v.0.8 for mc 1.12.2.jar - Version 0.8 ( Newest )1.2 MB

Sadly, my previous mod: Kazaxe discontinued, it has a lot of errors. Sorry for who is waiting for a new version of Kazaxe!

Very new and interesting food mod. Ive downloaded it and loved it. Good work! :D

Nice mod! Just wondering what you do with the machines. You can't place them down..
You should make block models for the machines and make them placeable.