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Arctic's more stuff adds a new biome(another soon) the Ink biome, of which lots of aspects are inspired by Bendy and the ink machine. This mod also enhances a few Vanilla features, such as using the smithing table to currently upgrade emerald tools(Eventually we will add more to do with the smithing table) . Lastly we have added birthstones, a few of them you will get from mining or some will be earned through dungeons or temples and for now they will all make blocks and we're not sure what else(comment ideas below). Thank you for you continuous support, and we hope you enjoy AMS!(edited)

Please comment about bugs and if you have any suggestions. Updates to the mod will be around once, or twice a month if you're lucky!(edited)

- Tundra playz87 and ArcticWolf_666

Modification files
AMS 1.0.1 Beta .jarUploaded on: 04/10/2021 - 20:03   File size: 689.04 KB
AMS 1.0.2 Beta .jarUploaded on: 04/20/2021 - 22:00   File size: 810.54 KB
AMS 1.0.3-1.0.4 Beta.jar - Loose Ends and Bug FixUploaded on: 06/05/2021 - 12:27   File size: 1.15 MB



- added birthstones (only 4 have ores and a few have blocks) there is also a mob made from a gemstone in the mod

-Ink Biome (with 2 mobs) with a new stone and wood type

-There are blocks for a planed corrupted biome in the creative inventory 

-emerald tools and upgraded emerald tools

-There is lapis armour that adds more EXP when you kill mobs

-there are 2 new flowers

- and more!

- More to come!


Thank you for downloading this is my first mod which I created with my best friend tpwolf87 in this update there are:
-Emerald Golems
-More Better Glass
-New Demantoid gem and block (its just a different colour Garnet)
-New Nether Blue Topaz and A Block Of Nether Blue Topaz
-Lastly NEW Ink SandStone 


-Replaced Old Textures With New Textures

-More Stairs and Slabs

-Added The Rest Of The Better Glass

-Pearl Tiles and Pillar

-New Flint Block

-Added Garnet Ore

-New Nether Gold Armour

-Renamed Jaspers Sword To Nether Gold Sword (uncraftable for now)

-Added New Biome Ink Wasteland 

-Bug Fixes

-For More Information Check The Wiki