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GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
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Adds a couple types of Doritos, each of which has unique effects and crafting recipes. This mod is quite unrefined, and thus these chips may be over-powered (I might update this to be more awesome later). JEI (or similar) is recommended.

For each of the three types you'll need a "seasoning" (to season the wheat). Each seasoning has a unique and progressively more complicated recipe, as listed below:

  • Original Salted Seasoning: (Overworld)
    • Emerald
    • Flower (any)
    • Green Dye * 4 (or Lime Dye)
    • Kelp
    • Sugarcane
    • Wheat seeds
  • Nacho Cheese Seasoning: (Nether)
    • Blaze Powder
    • Crimson Fungus
    • Ghast Tear
    • Gold Ingot
    • Magma Cream
    • Red Dye * 4 (or Orange Dye)
  • Cool Ranch Seasoning: (End)
    • Blue Dye * 4 (or Light-Blue Dye)
    • Chorus Fruit
    • Diamond
    • Lapis Lalzuli
    • Phantom Membrane
    • Prismarine Shards

After you have a seasoning you can create the actual chips with 8 wheat and the seasoning of choice. Furthermore, party-size bags can be created by crafting 9 normal bags together. Also, 3-D Cool Ranch chips can be crafted with 8 Cool Ranch bags and a Nether Star. The stats for each are listed below:

  • Original Salted Doritos (Original Salted Doritos Party Size):
    • Nutritional value: 8 (20)
    • Saturation: 9 (25)
    • Effect: 2.5 secs of Regeneration (5 secs of Regen II)
  • Nacho Cheese Seasoning (Nacho Cheese Doritos Party Size):
    • Nutritional value: 10 (25)
    • Saturation: 12 (30)
    • Effect: 5 secs of Fire Resistance (15 secs of Fire Res)
  • Cool Ranch Doritos (Cool Ranch Doritos Party Size):
    • Nutritional value: 12 (30)
    • Saturation: 15 (35)
    • Effect: 7.5 secs of Speed and Jump Boost (15 secs of Speed II and Jump II)
  • 3D Cool Ranch Doritos:
    • Nutritional value: 90
    • Saturation: 110
    • Effect: 120 secs of Speed III and Jump Boost III

You can make colored Dorito Slabs by crafting chips together (same positioning as other slabs). You can only make 3 colors of slabs in survival for now, until I add more chip varieties. The image below shows all the colors:

All content is under GNU LGPLv3, which basically seems to mean do whatever you want with this content (include in modpacks, upload to other platforms, etc).

If you find any bugs or just want to talk to someone then feel free to contact me on discord. My username is: michael.foxtrot

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