Autcraft: Willow & Zack

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A mod that adds aspects of magic for players. It's part of the Mineverse, a universe with a vast array of mobs, tools, dungeons, quests and spells. In the universe produced by Autcraft you will find several challenges involving mythological figures. You will need to build new tools and generate energy to maintain them. 
For the adventure to be possible, the player will need strong restraints and tools. With its own enchantments that will help you overcome obstacles and powerful bosses.
Modification files
willowandzack1.0.1.jar - Willow & Zack 1.0.1Uploaded on: 04/28/2024 - 03:56   File size: 473.52 KB
willowandzack1.2.0.jar - Willow & Zack 1.2.0Uploaded on: 05/01/2024 - 02:23   File size: 508.2 KB

Bug fixes, added objectives, and a Technoblade memorial