Nature's Catalysis

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Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024

Combine magical weapon pieces into powerful special weapons! Mix and match in whichever way you want, all weapon pieces can be procedurally combined with others without limitations!



Patchouli is highly recommended, as this mod includes a Guide Book given on first join or with this recipe:

Patchouli book recipe, one Book and one Wooden Handle


150 Possible Combinations

Obtain Weapon Pieces with special abilities, combine them with any other without limitation, and create your own custom Natural Weapon!

Combination Examples


Easy to Start

You can start creating Natural Weapons right after getting iron, as all you will need is some Sharp Scissors to get mob pieces, and a Natural Weapon Crafting Station to put them together! Use the guidebook provided with Patchouli to get some extra information on how to start creating weapons!

Natural Weapon Crafting Station Recipe


Special Abilities

While some pieces are just used to increase your weapon base stats, top pieces and other special pieces have powerful and unique abilities. Watch this video to see how only changing one piece to another makes the effect wildly different, while also increasing the weapons power:

Repairing Weapons

You can repair Natural Weapons by using the pieces you created them with, repairing for half the durability of the piece you are using for repair!

Repairing Example



Version 1.2.0 Released on 29/5/2024 is designed to be the entry for the CurseForge X MCreator Modjam!

Modification files
natures_catalysis-1.2.0.jarUploaded on: 05/29/2024 - 22:55   File size: 272.45 KB

Moving from Version 1.1.0 to 1.2.0:
-Added a new Villager type, the Natural Hunter Villager, which has the Natural Weapon Crafting Station 
-Added Luck to weapon pieces.
-Added new entries for the Patchouli book, for the new pieces and the new Natural Hunter Villager.
-Added Chicken Leg Handle, no special ability, but it gives valuable attack speed.
-Added Farmer's Grip, only obtainable via trading with the Natural Hunter Villager, and the first piece with luck.
-Changed the recipe of the Sharp Scissors to 2 stick and 3 iron instead of 2 stick and an iron sword.
-Added the Blaze Handle, with the ability "Super Hot", which burns enemies with a reduced delay per hit.

Moving from Version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0:
-Added a Patchouli Book, "Nature's Catalysis Guide", introducing you to the mod and it's mechanics.
-Changed Amethyst Handle recipe to use a Bone Handle instead of a Wither Bone Handle
-Added Wooden Handle, crafteable with a stick and a wood log.
-Added Knockback to weapon pieces.
-Added Guardian Hammer Top, with the new "Bouncy" effect and being the first weapon piece with knockback.
-Added Elder Guardian Grip, with the new "Magical Reflection" effect, which replicates your attack with 75% strenght in that same entity after 2.5s of not hitting that entity.
-Made the "Knockback" attack bonus appear as green, like other default attribute modifiers.
-Added piece abilities names to the weapons created with them.