Sword Art Online MOD

Published by GH127 on Thu, 01/29/2015 - 15:46
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NEXT UPDATE:update to 1.8

Thats my first mod for minecraft so some bugs can happen.This Mod is based on the anime and on the light novel Sword Art Online(SAO) so if you watch this you truly will like!My plan its add all the swords/items/mobs/bosses... of the anime.Im going to update this mod every time when i add one item on the game.But for now Enjoy!!

Version 1.1.7 has been released

Added Stick with Wool

Added Reinforced Stick

Added Ground Gorge Blade

Added Liberator Handle

Added Liberator

Added Ring of Agility

Added Crystal Frame

Added Teleport Crystal (W.I.P)

Added Healing Crystal

Added Blue Crystal Ore

Added Pink Crystal Ore

Added Blue Crystal Shards/Pink Crystal Shards

Added Unpolished Blue Crystal/Unpolished Pink Crystal

Added Polished Blue Crystal/Polished Pink Crystal

Added Chisel

Added Kirito ( W.I.P)

Added Sword Art Online Creative Tab

Changed Crafting Recipes

Finished  Coat of Midnight


MOD FEATURES: Over 60 Addons!


-Crystallite Ore

-Dark Ore

-Shiny Ore

-Blue Crystal Ore

-Pink Crystal Ore


-Dead Wood

-Dead Wood Planks



-Crystallite Ingot

-Dark Ingot

-Black Iron

-Frenzy Boar Leather

-Dark Repulser Handle

-Anneal Blade Handle

-Elucidator Handle


-Red Spikes

-Shiny Ingot

-Red Iron

-Karakurenai Handle

-Lambent Light Handle

-Wind Fleuret Handle

-Guilty Thorn Handle

-Tyrant Dragon Handle

-Liberator Handle

-Ground Gorge Blade

-Blue Crystal Shards

-Pink Crystal Shards

-Unpolished Blue Crystal

-Unpolished Pink Crystal

-Polished Blue Crystal

-Polished Pink Crystal

-Crystal Frame

-Teleport Crystal (W.I.P)

-Healing Crystal



-Dark Repulser


-Anneal Blade


-Wind Fleuret

-Lambent Light

-Mate Chopper

-Ebon Dagger

-Shadow Dagger

-Tyrant Dragon

-Ground Gorge

-Black Dagger


-Guilty Thorn


-Coat Of The Midnight


-Ragout Rabbit Meat

-Cooked Ragout Rabbit Meat


-Dry Bread

-Dry Bread with Cream


-Frenzy Boar

-Kobold Sentinel

-Ragout Rabbit

-Kirito (W.I.P)


-Illfang The Kobold Lord


-Hill Of Memories


-Floor 19

-Dead Tree

-Pneuma Flower


There are still many things to do in this mod so stay atent on the updates

For now im only adding the SAO things but later ill add all the Alfhein Online and Gun Gale Online stuff.

I recomend use the not enough items mod to know the recipes because there are a lot to post here.

Feel free to make a mod review,but give me the credits and post the link of the video on comments!

Thats all Guys!Have Fun! =D


Frenzy Boar

Kobold Sentinels

Illfang The Kobold Lord





Hill of Memories:

Modification files
Sword Art Online 1.1.7.zip - Under Maintence Please Don't DownloadUploaded on: 07/20/2016 - 06:17   File size: 506.94 KB

Amazing Mod!!! Im a big fan of the anime Sword Art Online and this mod certainly have future! even if you never watched the anime you can download this mod without worry!

yout mod don't change the face of the world but it seems there is a lot of works :)

Guys the next update will take more time than i expected.But im working hard to finish fastest possible!

Holy nuts, someone finally makes a good mod. Its looks really great for being your first one! would you like to work with me? I make great 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 252x252
and even 512x512 Textures! (I've made Demon Assembly ((Mod)), You can look at it, though my art-skills have improved more now) If you want to contact me, add me on skype. its crafterseth.

Of course we can communicate if you find another way, except for facebook.
I do not use it much... I'd love work with someone skilled as you. Art is my favorite hobby c:

@#8 Thank you so much Seth! I think we could do a group your textures are very good ! But I'll still think about it for now . However if I want I will contact you as soon as possible!