Blood's Strenght v0.1 [1.7.10]

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Today, I'm going to present you my first and, I think, nice mod, which deals with blood !

So, I hope you will love it :)

You can also see my website to download my textures :)


---> ALPHA VERSION v0.1 <---


First, to use my mod as I wish, you need to be a little masoshist :) Infact, I added 3 news knifes in your favorite world ! With it, you have to extract YOUR blood from YOUR beautiful and cute body ;)

So, this is the recipe of your torture:


When you have your knife in your hand, right click in air to plant the knife in your hand/leg/arm/foot/belly, head... As you wish my dear :) So, blood is extracted and now you can start to use my mod !

PS: Diamond Knife is more generous than Iron Knife, which is more generous than Stone Knife


With YOUR blood, you are able to fill a bottle :

Blood bottle, filled with YOUR blood... So, now you can... maybe... why not.... DRINK IT !!!

Or make an AMAZING (really, A-MA-ZING) soup with some others ingredients :


You want more elements ? Ok ! Into the ground of your favorite game, you can find a new ore called "Sugilite Ore" ! You have to break it with an IRON pickaxe ! You can find this ore between 12 and 32 (rare) :) With Sugilite Gem, craft the block of Sugilite like that, it's very useful... ;)


So, if you want, you can craft the Sword of Sugilite !

Now, you can "update" this sword with YOUR own blood ! First, craft a Blood Tank:

The icon is in [WIP] sorry :) But when you put it on the ground, it looks like that:

And with a RIGHT click on it with a blood bottle, you can fill it ;) 1 Full Blood Tank = 3 Blood Bottles

Then, when you right clicked in this tank (filled, of course) with a Sugilite Sword, you get a Bloody Sugilite Sword :)

Now, right clicked with this Bloody Sugilite Sword on a block of sugilite…. YES, you started to become a GOD !!!




To conclude, I wait for feedback and I really hope that this (Alpha) mod will give you a lot of hapiness !

Thanks MCreator for this experience :)


Tchuuuuuuuss :)

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