Executive Craft [Alpha 0.1]

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This mod is kind of a mix between magic and Science.

Please note that this mod is still Work in Progress... [Changes may be made to various things]

All Textures and stuff was MY IDEA! I didn't steal any ideas or texture.. All textures (except the Termium Gem) were made in the Mcreator Texture Paint.

Exclusive Note That this Mod was made in 2 Hours as a challenge by a friend.

To start of First There are many Blocks, Decorations, Items, Tools, Combat stuff and much more!



1. Ternium Ore



2. Ternium Block



3. Executive Ore



4. Bricks (Coal Bricks, Restone Bricks, Lapis Bricks, Gold Bricks, Diamond Bricks, Emerald Bricks)

Note: I didn't add Iron because the texture would be kinda the same as coal.

Note #2: I Forgot the Gold Bricks in the Image. Sorry!


5. Creeper Block

[Sorry No Image]

<Omits Explosion Particles>



2. Tools

1. Ternium Pickaxe, Ternium Spade, Ternium Axe




3. Combat

1. Hilt [2 Attack Damage]

2. Ternium Sword [8 Attack Damage]

3. Ternium Rapier [15 Attack Damage]

4. Diamold Hammer

5. Neon Swords [Blue, Red, Yellow and Green]


6. Termium Armor



4. Items

1. Termium Gem

2. Magical Orb

3. Magical Dust

4. Raze Gem <When Right Clicked on block while having blaze rods in you'r inventory will spawn lightning>

Raze Gem Being Used: <Requires 1 Blaze Rod>


5. Coin of Equality <Equally exchange items for others>

6. Flame Gas <Burns as much as 10 lava buckets in the furnace>

7. Executive Crystal

8. Iron Rod <2 Attack Damage and can be crafted into blaze rods>


9. Atom Splitter

10. Teleporter <When right clicked, teleporter GUI will open and will alow you to teleport by coordinates>

11. MP3 Player <Still Working on adding music, but it's not working! "SORRY!">


Teleporter GUI :: <The Text Boxes are gliched>


5. Mobs

1. Bandit <Drops: Coin,  :: Bow, Golden Boots ::>


2. Robot <Drops: Redstone, :: Iron ingots, Chain Boots ::>


6. Structures

1. The Soulsidian Tower <Contains Soul sand and Obsidian>



1. Ternium Gem


2. Executive Gem


3. Ternium Block


4.Ternium Pickaxe


5. Ternium Spade


6. Ternium Axe


7. Ternium Sword


8. Hilt


9. Ternium Rapier


10. Iron Rod


11. Crafting Recipe: Blaze Rod


12. Magical Dust


13. Magical Orb


14. Raze Gem


15. Diamold Hammer


16. Coin of Equality


17. Crafting Recipe for Wood


18. Crafting Recipe for Stone


19. Crafting Recipe for Iron Ingots


20. Crafting Recipe for Gold ingots


21. Crafting Recipe for Diamond


22. Crafting Recipe for Emerald


23. Rad Gem


24. Blue Gem


25. Green Gem


26. Yellow Gem


27. Blue Neon Sword


28. Red Neon Sword


29. Green Neon Sword


30. Yellow Neon Sword


31. Flame Gas 


32. MP3 Player


33. Atom Splitter


34. Teleporter


35. Ternium Helmet


36. Ternium Chestplate


37. Ternium Leggings


38. Ternium Boots


39. Coal Blocks


40. Redstone Bricks


41. Lapis Bricks


42. Gold Bricks


43. Diamond Bricks


44. Emerald Bricks


45. Creeper Block


46. Smelting Recipe for Flint



And Thats All For Now...

Thanks.. Please Rate and Download.

I was gone for a while but now im back and will make more mods again!

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