Wharammer40k Space marine pack 1.7.10

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ey all this mod is to Wharammer 40K "the space marine pack" because after i want make a pack of Necron,Eldar,Dark eldar,tau empire,Chaos marine,chaos deamons,imperial guard,Ork and i don t no for the tyranid.


-energetique hammer

-energetique sword

-energetique glove

-crosius arcanum



-chaos bolter

-chaos sawsword

-chaos marine normal (enemy)

-MkI armor space marine

Mk IV chapelin armor

-Mk III terminator charpaati armor

-crosius arcanum (shot litling)

and two structure                           enjoy ;D

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Wharammer 40K spacemarine pack 1.7.10.zip - In a darkness future just existe the warUploaded on: 08/09/2016 - 21:05   File size: 108.66 KB