Random Bosses and Swords Mod

Published by miniera on Sun, 08/16/2015 - 20:46
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The version 0.3 add to the game:aqmarine ore,amethyst ore,jade ore,evilite ore,nether uranium ore,kaosite ore,kaosite sword base,kaosite sword blade,ghost,ghost boss,mummy,invisible man boss,cossupted skeleton boss,me,corrupted soul,invisible stone,demonic book,lapis staff,machine gun,swords and blocks of all the ores,obsidian armor and ghost biome.

If you find a bug post it in de comments.

Please rate my mod :D.

IMPORTANT:This mod was made by an italian and most of the items are in italian!

v0.2 add:                                               -nether uranium ore and sword;           -evilite ore and sword.

v0.3 add:                                               -kaosite ore and the most op sword ever created (Skylanders easter egg)!

In the next update a new ore,the armors of all the ores and the invisible dimension!

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