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This mod probably won't be worked on anymore because it uses an old version of MCreator. Sorry!

A phone mod with 6 apps so far!

  1. TNT: Blow stuff up with 4 diffrent sizes of craters!
  2. House: Make 2 kinds of houses! Tier 1: A dirt house with a crafting table Tier 2: A wood house with glass, glowstone, a crafting table, a furnace, and a double chest! (no door included)
  3. Battle: Get some diamond armor, a diamond sword and some bread from this app!
  4. Weather: You can make it raiiiin (i found out that it works now :D )
  5. BG: Change the background of the phone (Only works in the menu)
  6. Info: Just some mod info (kinda useless)

More apps coming soon!

There is a jailbroken phone that you can get from a computer. (no crafting recipe yet :( )

The jailbroken phone has Mydia (get it? Cydia? Mydia?) that can do awesome stuff.

NOTE: There is a 50/50 chance your phone will break.

Mydia tweaks:

  1. GreenBG: Set your background to green.
  2. NoKeysNeeded: You don't need house keys to build houses
  3. DHouse: Builds a diamond house.

Crafting recipe: There is a crafting recipe but i don't know how to get it on the post

Bold: in the works

Italic: Thing to work on next

Underline: Done, but not released

Planned features:

  • More apps
  • Make a better model (Only have cubik lite)
  • Add more tweaks to Mydia
  • Add some apps to Mydia


  • 0.3.2: Diamond Houses and Info
  • Adds Dhouse to Mydia
  • Adds Info app
  • 0.3.1: Quick Fix Update
  • Adds crafting recipie to computer
  • Fixes a bug where a non-jb phone can use the NoKeysNeeded hack
  • 0.3.0: The Jailbreak Update
  • Adds new computer block
  • Adds jailbroken phone
  • Adds Mydia to jailbroken phone
  • Tweaks added: GreenBG NoKeysNeeded
  • 0.2.0: The Survival Update
  • New Background app
  • A crafting recipe
  • Keys needed to build houses
  • 0.1.1: The First Release
  • This is the first release. No new features.
Modification files - Version 0.3.2 (newest and last)Uploaded on: 08/16/2016 - 11:16   File size: 359.55 KB - Version 0.3.1Uploaded on: 08/16/2016 - 11:16   File size: 345.25 KB - Version 0.3.0Uploaded on: 08/16/2016 - 11:16   File size: 344.83 KB - Version 0.2.0Uploaded on: 08/16/2016 - 11:16   File size: 311.03 KB

@#1 IDK. May bye they are lazy and dont like to type LOL! this mod is small though, and i think pylo looks for the best picture, then the rating, then the description. cuz, if they got passed the bad pic, i would have won with my mod with 140 things addd(and thats stuff the user can use, so, not counting guis.): try my mod for 1.8 out for yourself, my friend, here: