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I believe I have made a mod, that adds new food to Minecraft, but doesn't break it.


1.0.0: Added MoreFood!

1.0.1: Added Blueberries and More!

1.0.2: Added Breadsticks and Butter!

1.0.3: Added Corn!

1.0.4: Added New Plants!

1.0.5: Added Salt, Burgers and More!

1.0.7 Added Tacos, and the Chip!(Or what I call the Dorito.)

1.0.8 Added S'mores and More!

1.0.9 Added Ribs, Yep Believe It Or Not That's The Only Thing Added!

Modification files
MoreFood.jarUploaded on: 08/26/2015 - 19:41   File size: 149.31 KB

Ummm... I might sound dumb, but how do you download it? Also cool mod!