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Update 1.1.1: Repaired Xamaeth's wings animation bug, added better ghost knight's texture, added more blocks with new recipes, added new block for the dimension's ground!

Update 1.0.9: repaired bug with Xamaeth angel cross recipe, now it works!


Are you ready to encounter your worst nightmare? The fallen death angel Xamaeth is coming for you!

Hi guys! This is my mod entrely made with MCreator (+ 2 codes taken from this website :P)! What it adds? Easy! ----> New armors, new weapons, new tools, new ores, new recipes, new mobs and a new dimension!

The main objective is to find how to recall from the dead, Xamaeth! The boss of this mod! Will you be able to defeat him and retrieve the ultimate secret weapon?

I will tell you a little secret... Some weapons have fantastic enchantments*, just make it! And armors? Have secret potion effects! "Craft them all!"


Note* = In creative mode, if you take weapons from "inventory", you won't see any enchanment, you have to craft them!


Let's start with new redstone feature!

 New recipe for make a redstone ore since it could be very hard to find "silk toouch". But why this? Simple!

 A new redstone ingot! Use it to make new weapon and new armor!



Don't think redstone is strong enough? Well, emerald is just here!

 You already know what it means!

 Emerald ingot! Try out this new green ingot!


And what do you think about lapislazules?

 It could be really hard to make this ore without "silk touch"!

 Lapislazule ingot

Let's see the new ores!

First one! Stronger than diamond!

 Fullerite! Where to find this block? Easy! You have only to search in the deep!

 Better than a diamond one like all the other tools!

And here the 2nd one! You can destroy your useless diamond pickaxe!

 Wurtzite! Tougher than fullerite! It's the rarest material in the world, you could find it only at a certain altitude... p.s. It's really hard to find so... search higher than 80 blocks

 The ultimate tools!

And what if they can... Fuse?

 Chromatixium! "Lovely" new ingot with all the colors fo light!

 A magic staff with strange powers! You need all the colors blades! Is it worth? Find it by yourself!

 Chromoglass! Very thin material but very sharp!

 Don't worry about its thinness, it hides a very powerfull magic inside!

 Do you like falls?

While Here it is the last ore!

 Lonsdaleite! You can find this new material only in the new dimension! Pointless to say that it is really tough!

 The stronger axe in the game with a secret power!

Sorry forgot entire armor

Let's talk about the End!

End Crystal! Use them to make...

End ingot!

 It may appear weak, but has a strardinaty power!

Not very tough, but like the sword, has a fantastic power!

This could be 1 of the more useful tool you can make! Do you remember: "silk touch"?

But now let me introduce a new material!


Try this Katana! Strong like an iron sword but with more durability and secret small power!

This material could be useful for something else too!

Steelkin! Special material!

 For a special helmet!

Do you have enough of your weak bow? Try this!

 Arrows stack

Crossbow Engine


To start the hell on earth with this weapon you only have to right click on Arrow stack when you have your Autocrossbow in inventory and it's done! You have now a Loaded Autocrossbow ready to shoot!

And its upgraded version!

Starcrossbow! But you have to use these stacks! In the middle you need a NEW Loaded Autocrossbow or it won't work! 

Endarrows Stack!

Now I'll show you new mobs!

These are all night earth mobs!

Ghost knight: armed with an iron sword (invisible lol MCreator bug) and iron armor (same bug)

Headless horseman: armed with a gold sword


Swamp monster

New dimension is here! With his mobs and special meterial for the strongest weapons and amor!

 You'll need this Hell's Hearth to enter the dimension! (Don't worry, the recipe is shapeless)

You just need 10 block of soul sand and it's done! Welcome to Inferi!

These are the Inferrack blocks, they are indestructible if you try to break them with pickaxe! So you need...

With it's special mobs!

Bonood worm

Casheon You'll need this flying demon to find an important "thing" to create a mysterious item


Hell's Lord This terrible guy could drop a rare material that you'll need to create the powerfull armor and weapon in this mod!

That's what you need!

Hell's Lord ingot! The tougher material in the world

 The strongest sword you can make!

And here it is the strongest armor!

And now, let me present... Xamaeth!

Xamaeth Angel Cross. You need this mysterious item to summon the fallen death angel, but don't you need anything else? Maybe some angel's "tears" from the sky.

Xamaeth The fallen death angel His strenght is legendary! Be careful.

 But if you kill him, you have a chance to receive his broken scythe! So you can craft his perfect weapon! An indstructible Scythe with the power of a God 

Let's see now new decoration blocks added!

 New blocks! You can make them easly with the same recipe as the other blocks (iron, gold etc.) easly with 9 ingot of the material you want!

new fantastic colorfull bricks! made of (in order) redstone, fullerite, gold, emerald, diamond, lapislazule, chromatixium, lonsdaleite, hell's lord and iron!

It's the same for all the other bricks!

And you can get back your block!

And ingot too!

Hope you enjoy my first Mod! Tell me what do you think and if there is any bug!


Known Bugs:

  • Spawning Xamaeth with the "Xamaeth angel cross" will create (mob a part) an "image" of him where he's going to be summoned. The "image" won't move or anything, but won't disappear.
  • Sometimes the animation of the arrows shot from starcrossbow may not be fired in the right direction
  • When the bonwood worm split itself when killed, could create an immortal "image" of itself.



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wow man what an amazing mod I love all the designs but the design I love the most is the lonsdaleite armor that's something I really couldn't do and I love designing but man...that's like beyond my level lol anyway great mod I rate it all the way to 100