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Helooooo everyone!Yes im back to Mcreator (again :P) and ready to make new cool mods to you all.This time Im doing the "Unlimited Steampunk Mod" for minecraft 1.8.I just..LOVE the steampunk style and there arent that much steampunk mods out there,so I decided to make my own with mcreator and maybe some little coding.Tons of stuff are going to be added on this mod so stay tunned for new updates soon!But here are everything this mod add AT THE MOMENT:

1-New Minerals!

  1. Copper Ore
  2. Tin Ore
  3. Copper Ingot
  4. Tin Ingot
  5. Bronze Ingot
  6. Bronze Block

​Copper Ore and Tin Ore

Bronze block:


How to obtain Tin ingot?

To craft a Tin Ingot you will need to use a new machine called "Coal Smelter"(I will add more types of smelters with better performances):

First: Right click the Coal Smelter with coal in your hand and it will start burn(It just burn for 60 tick so you need to be fast)

Second: Right click the burning Coal Smelter with a Tin Shard(You get it by mining Tin Ore) and you will get Liquid Tin

Third:Put the Liquid Tin on the the crafting tabble aaand.....Ta-da! You got your first Tin Ingot

How to obtain Bronze?

You will need a compressor,a water bucket,a copper ingot and a tin ingot

First:Right click the compressor with a water bucket in your inventory

Second:Click on the Turn On button(It will least for 200 minecraft ticks)

Third:With a copper ingot and a tin ingot in your inventory click on the "Make bronze" button

Fourth:You should have a bronze ingot in your inventory after that :3


  1. Coal Smelter
  2. Compressor

Coal Smelter:

It looks like this when placed:


It looks like this when placed:


  1. Iron Gear
  2. Copper Gear
  3. Iron Bullet
  4. Steampunk Help Book(W.I.P)

Iron Gear

Copper Gear(the texture on the image is wrong but the crafting is right :P)

Iron Bullet:


  1. Three-Barreled Flintlock Gun
  2. Gold Monocle(just a costume)
  3. Bronze armor
    Three-Barreled Flintlock Gun:(It shoots like a minigun at the moment xD But im working hard to make it shot like a flintlock)



Launch Version/Alpha Version

  1. Copper Ore
  2. Tin Ore
  3. Copper Ingot
  4. Tin Ingot
  5. Bronze Ingot
  6. Coal Smelter
  7. Iron Gear
  8. Copper Gear
  9. Tin Shards
  10. Liquid Tin


  1. Compressor
  2. New Bronze Ingot Recipe
  3. Iron Bullet
  4. Three-Barreled Flintlock Gun
  5. Fixed Coal Smelter bugs


  1. Added "Steampunk Help Book"(Work in progress)
  2. Added Gold Monocle(+9999 Style Points!)
  3. Added Creative Tab
  4. Added Bronze Armor
  5. Fixed Tin crafting
  6. Fixed Iron Bullet Crafting

I wont be posting recipes here anymore so I reccomend using Not Enough Items mod(I will only post recipes that need a machine to be crafted)

Thats all for now,I hope everyone like it.Im going to update this mod everytime when I can so again,stay tunned for updates!

Please leave your feedback in the comments!!!

I got a new website check it out!!! http://gh127mods.page.tl/Homepage.htm

Modification files
Unlimited Steampunk Mod v.1.0.2.zip - NEW VERSION!!! 1.0.2Uploaded on: 02/01/2017 - 21:29   File size: 246.03 KB
Unlimited Steampunk Mod v.1.0.1.zip - Old Version Don't Download!!! 1.0.1Uploaded on: 02/01/2017 - 21:29   File size: 154.98 KB

@GH127 you look like a pro MCreator mod-maker, do you know how to create a glider, or an item/key
that push you into the air, like the Electric staff in Hexxit?

btw. sry for bad english, im german, i hope you understoond xD

@#2 lol "pro MCreator mod-maker" xD Im glad that you think that but I just made 3 mods in all my life :P I dont think this is possible but if I notice a code or some mixed events to make it work I will contact you :)

Nice mod dude,keep the good work!Also im planning to make a modpack(not sure) and I would like to have your mod in it, just if you let me of course

Lol, I could build a better mod in lessi time , and could simply add rf with generators etc to it, if I wanted to. But at least the textures look nearly good, nearly... And ,@FalloutWar you're planning a modpack, with mcreator mods? Don't even try, mcreator mods are conflicting with other mods like sh*t...

@#5 yo Techpusher07.Mcreator is here to help people that dont know how to code make mods,thats why they are simple ;)But anyway Im learning coding with my cousin since last week and idk if im going to continue using mcreator forever.Also I dont think mcreator should have this negative looking because if you think for a minute you will notice that if you want to make the basic things(food,blocks,basic items and armors)is aloooot faster than by coding,and to make unique things,for who know how to code,you can use the "View Source" button.But I have to say that Mcreator isnt the best thing of the world but it isnt the worst thing on the world too like the popular mass say :)

@FatMelon from german to german : noone here is really a pro. But for your problem, look in the custom code section. there should be an jetpack code by me. Just get the Part with player ymovement (or so) and add it to onItemRightclick. That would do the Job. Should look like this: public void onItemRightclick (... ){If(World. isRemote){Player.movementY = 0.6;}}

Hello im bored, Bye.
:P just kidding, Amazing mod, it just shows the potential of MCreator, You are an skilled modder and possibly the future-pride of this program. Show em' what you can do!
also your mod inspired me a little and to kill the time i made an Sword. My first ''Steampunk'' Attempt.
Please use it on your mod if you like it, I'd be happy. http://i.imgur.com/iwJTpJt.png

@#7 Thanks Seth! I still think mcreator can be used for so many things other than that if you think how to use the events and variables.And your sword looks epic!I dont think it is full steampunk but it looks pretty cool,maybe I will add it on the next update ;)