the ancient reighn version II

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hey guys ancient reighn mod II is here this is a mod that adds in awesome stuff not all ancient i hope you like it theres a few awesome items a few weapons and blocks armour its so cool! i hope you can comment list a few bugs that you find if there are bugs! its quite cool and i hope you enjoy it!  DIMENSIONS dimensions: there are seven dimensions one frame is made out of glowstone another is made out of stone and one is made out of end stone and another is glass one is lapis and one is cobble and the final one is the redtone block and the staffs are the igniters FOODS foods: theres chocklate,magical fruit,coke,fries,pizza,burgers all tasty some are used for a few crafting recepies like magical fruit to essence and chocklate to choco armour!! BLOCKS blocks: thesse are stylish includes moon stone rrruby blocks plant 2 ores green and moon! choco block epic block green schist ice cobble fire stone epic blocs rainbow blocks ruby ore glowing cobble and alot more theese are all nice for building and pure epicness! ITEMS items: weelof elements wip! ruby green ingot the spawn eggs magical essence 7 igniters the swords the tools and the portal soon saphires this is an epic load of items! ARMOUR armour: emerald helmet emerald chest emerald leggings emerald boots ruby helmet ruby chest ruby legings ruby boots choco set wip magical helmet magical chest magical leggings magical boots power armour helmet power armour chest power armour legings power armour boots and the emerald version of the last one! tools:emrald picaxe emerald axe emerald shovel emerald hoe ruby piickaxe ruby axe ruby shovel choco multi tool choco picaxe emerald sword magical sword ruby sword! coming soon blazing bade + katana! Thats not all butyou can find it out yourself RECOMENDED recemendations: if your using it in a survival install not enough items because theres lots and lots of items! CREDIT made by coolman50+hahnahsmith BYE i have to say fare well now comment if you lie the mod! make sure to comment and vote for mod of the week!

Modification files
magcal legends -beta-.jar - beta version download here!Uploaded on: 01/14/2017 - 13:53   File size: 144.18 KB
magical legends mod -v1-.jar - v1 download here!Uploaded on: 01/14/2017 - 13:53   File size: 144.24 KB - v2 download here!Uploaded on: 07/02/2017 - 04:44   File size: 176.25 KB
full pack.zipUploaded on: 01/14/2017 - 13:53   File size: 2.79 MB

its the best mod ever thanks for making it!!!!!!!!!! I like the chocolate the best

its not good whith other mcreator mods! sorry that its incompatable!

Looks great, I am in the progress of downloading the mod. I cant wait to play it!