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All in one mod (Old Bedrock+ mod) has more than 200 parts. 


*Dark dust - bedrock dimension igniter
*Hack ingot
*Pig stick - spawn pig
*Cow stick - spawn cow
*Emerald farm - deal deamage and give you emerald
*Coin stack
*Coin column
*Emerald star
*Blue fruit - normal food
*Dark esence - spawn Walking bedrock
*Bedrock baricade - place bedrock baricade
*Detonator (doesn't work in creative)- use to detonate Strong bomb
*Trap hous - place trap-hous
*Bedrock tower - place bedrock tower
*Bedrock shild - gives you resistance
*Lava trap - place house-trap

*Block hook - Walking blocks will follow you

*Tin ingot

*Copper ingot




*Amber shard



*Prehistoric squid - spawn ammonite

*Shell dust


*Toxic mushroom - Dark portal igniter

*Amber dust

*Packet sand

*Double stick

*Alien wand

*City activator - use to place old city


*Alien ingot

*Prison shard

*Prison - place prison
*Hard wood - drop iron ingot
*Hard stone - drop mossy cobblestone
*Hard iron - drop 4 diamonds
*Hard gold - drop 64 obsidian
*Hard diamond - drop bedrock
*Hard emerald - place on bedrock maker...
*Bedrock maker - ... and turn on to get 5 bedrocks
*Hack ore
*Hack block - destroy to get golden apple
*Tnt dest - destroy with tnt to get coin
*Bedrockset - redstone on = 2 bedrocks
*Strong bomb - explode 24F
*Landmine - Step on it to explode
*Underground mine
*Blue plant
*Mini tnt - tnt, but mini
*Ghostblock (17) - you can go throw ghostblocks

*Portal tower - place stairs to Dark portal

*Dark grass

*Gunpowder ore

*Copper ore

*Tin ore

*Ruby ore

*Amber ore

*Amber workbanch - click with amber in inventory to get 4 amber shards and mosquito (5%)


*Skull - dinosaur's skull

*Bone (2) - dinosaur's bone

*Ufo paint - find ufo paints in the past

*Time maschine - place block near the time maschine and click on She with special item. Images are in mod folder (All in one mod\images)

*Block manipulator

*Uncraftable - uncraftable block

*Amber block

*City part (37) - don't use that! These blocks can crash minecraft. To place city use City block and City activitor

*City block - place city. Required good computer.

*Castle part (2) - click on Castle part 1 with City activator to place castle.

*Ruby block

*Alien ore


*Ufo block 
*Bedrock sword - 1004 damage
*Bedrock axe
*Bedrock pickaxe
*Bedrock hoe
*Bedrock spade
*Eye pickaxe
*Bedrock destroyer
*Bedrock armor

*Wand - Wand has a few events. Right-click on: stone - strike lightning, dirt - set health block, grass - set fire, planks - explode, cobblestone - teleport on block, in air (when you falling) - set water, in air (on grass) - spawnpoint

*Bronze sword

*Bronze pickaxe

*Bronze axe

*Bronze hoe

*Bronze spade

*Bronze armor


*Many years ago - age of cracked stone.


*The middle ages


*Bedrock dimension

*Dark dimension


*Tnt dest (3) - spawn in owervorld

*Cave - spawn in Many years ago dimension

*Bedrock labyrinth - spawn in Dark dimension

*Dirt structure - spawn in Dark dimension

*Pyramid 1 - spawn in Dark dimension

*Pyramid 2 - spanw in Antiquity

*City - spanw in Antiquity

*Castle - spanw in The middle ages

*Asteroid - spanw in Asteroid dimension 


*Walking tnt - explode when you hit it. You can kill Waking tnt in water

*Walking mini tnt - the same as a Walking tnt

*Walkin bedrock - boss, 1024 HP

*Walking dirt - attack skeleton, zombie, spider, cave spider

*Walking stone - attack skeleton, slime, wtich

*Walking obsidian - attack enderman, cave spider, silverfish 

*Walking diamond - attack Walking bedrock, zombie, skeleton, spider, cave spider

*Human - 6 kinds of human

*Human (knight)

*Prisoner - Right click on he outside the prison to get rare items

*Prehistoric squid - ammonite

*Caveman (2) - wild caveman 

All recipes and images are here:


1. Download and install minecraft frorge 1.7.10

2. Download the mod, open, and put "All in one mod base" and "All in one mod upgrade" to Roaming\.minecraft\mods 

3. Run minecraft

If you can't make world Default or Large biomes you must:

1. Uninstall the mod

2. Run minecraft (no mods)

3. Make world

4. Set render distance 2 chunks, graphic fast

5. Run minecraft with mods

6. Open your world and increase render distance

                                           -----> Important! <-----                

I had big Mcreator error and lost all workspaces, then the mod is in 2 parts.


+2 ghostblocks

*Crash bug fixed

*Dimensions bug fixed



+Amethyst ore


+Mob's eggs graftings

+Mine block - Click on it with iron or redstown dust to load. Click second time to make tunnel.

+Rainbow - set fire on it to toggledownfall

- Now mod is in 2 parts 

1.5.3 Herobrine!


+Amethyst block - place it on 2 gold blocks to spawn herobrine!

+Horobrine gun (bullet - gunpowder)

+Nightmare - You have 15% (in bed) to have nightmare. Put your items in to a chest, because you can die.

+Barrier block

+Sky block 

Mod of the week! WOW!

Thanks for 900+ downloads!

Modification files
All in one mod 1.5.3 (OPEN!).zip - All in one mod 1.5.3Uploaded on: 08/05/2016 - 15:32   File size: 1.46 MB
All in one mod (OPEN!).zip - All in one mod 1.5.2Uploaded on: 08/05/2016 - 15:32   File size: 1.41 MB
All in one mod - All in one mod 1.5.1Uploaded on: 08/05/2016 - 15:32   File size: 1.55 MB
All in one mod - All in one mod 1.5Uploaded on: 08/05/2016 - 15:32   File size: 7.31 MB

stfutheking you must first make hadr wood, hard stone, iron, gold and diamond. Bedrock is hard diamond drop. Craftings are in mod file.

How to make armor will look like what you want?
Not like a normal pregnancy.