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This mod is my first mod what im created with mcreator! 

Blocks: Copper Ore, Copper Block, Danger Block, Diamond Core, Dirt Brick, Nuke, Sulfur Ore, Tin Ore, Uranium Ore

Items: Bronze Ingot, Copper Ingot, Copper Dust, Green Diamond, Lava Chunk, Salpeter, Sulfur, Tin Ingot, Tin Dust, Uranium Ingot, Water Chunk

Tools: Bronze, Copper, Lava Infused, Tin, Water Infused

Armor: Bronze, Copper, Emerald, Green Diamond, Lava Infused, Rusty, Tin, Water Infused

Dimensions: Water Dimension, Lava Dimnesion

Ingniter: Very Cold Water Bucket, Very Hot Lava Bucket

Food: Cooked Flesh

I hope this mod description has featured enough!




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My Mod 1.7.10.zipUploaded on: 03/28/2016 - 09:55   File size: 129.49 KB

You'll do a 1.8 version of this mod? If you don't do it i'll never try this mod,and I want to do it D: