Increased Weaponry

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_Increased Weaponry will be a very extensive mod to increase your opinons for battle. Currently it has little content and has a few bugs... but hey, its my first mod that I'm going to actually work on. Our motto is: Why use diamonds! They're overrated!

Version DEV-2 The melee update!  (Note this is a very early version and is buggy):

-Added Enchantium Ore

-Added Enchantium nugger

-Added Enchantium Infused Iron Sword (Very Enchantable!)

-Added Storon Ore

-Added Storon Ingots

-Added Storon Dirk (Can throw arrows while out)

-Added Storon Sword (Storon isn't as sharp as iron, but super-duper durable!)

-Removed bullet factory functionality, for now

-9mm Bullets are now crafted with a iron ingot and gunpowder in the crafting table

-Because of issues with the 9mm bullets, both the block 18 and 9mm bullets were recreated, so any in your world will be  deleted. Sorry!

-Added Storn Javalin: Can be thrown, but requires you to use a stick when you throw it, and is 1-time use

DEV-2.1 Bugfix update: 

-Fixed storon javalin, sword, and dirk having really high damages

-Made dirk consume the arrows it shoots

-Also fixed enchantium infused iron sword having a higher damage than intended

I have a really big nice update planned for the release of alpha, so stay tuned! Hint: Grey matter is involved, so stock up

Problems I know of :

Ores are too rare


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